Playing with a guy’s testicles (balls) during sex

Some men really enjoy having their testicles (balls) stimulated during sexual play or intercourse. During oral sex, it is perhaps a bit easier to do as one can take breaks from stimulating a man’s genitals with one’s mouth to lick or suck on a man’s testicles, or to kiss them. During intercourse, this becomes trickier and flexibility can be key. Reverse cowgirl is one position that makes it easier to stimulate “the boys” (as they are sometimes called). If one is extremely flexible, it may even be possible to lean forward and use one’s tongue or mouth to stimulate a man’s testicles while still remaining in Reverse Cowgirl. In other positions, the “reach-around” move is more effective, whereby a man’s partner (whether another man or a woman) use their hands to reach around their bodies and stimulate a man’s testicles that way.

Have fun exploring!

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