Need Some Help Getting In The Right Frame Of Mind For Sex?

Image courtesy of, where you can also purchase the CDs.

Don’t worry! Pamela Madsen’s mind/body meditation can apparently help you get in the mood. Shameless: Self, Love, and Sexuality is a series of four guided meditations that claim to help women get over their fears of lovemaking by “curing” body insecurities, shame and fear, and teaching relaxation techniques. While this does sound a little far-fetched to me, I’m a huge believer in the mind-body connection.

There’s no doubt that unenjoyable or painful sex is often connected to a psychological block (of course, that’s not the only explanation, as painful sex could be a sign of something more serious), and it’s often hard to get past those blocks. Guided meditation and relaxation techniques can be helpful for a variety of mental/emotional/physical issues, and apparently good sex fits under that category!

I’m not gonna lie, though, I think it’s creepy that there’s a lollipop on the cover. Very Lolita-esque, no?

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