MSP Q&A: The G Shot for the G Spot – does it work?

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Question: Does the G Shot procedure work?

Answer: Unfortunately, we have no scientifically published safety or effectiveness data on the so-called “G shot” (that I have seen, anyway). The G Shot involves an injection of collagen into the anterior (front) wall of the vagina, at or around the area described as the “g spot”. While some marketing sites for the g shot suggest that it is “FDA approved”, that is and is not true. Collagen can be and often is injected into people’s bodies (it is often injected into people’s faces as a wrinkle “filler”) but it has not been specifically studied in terms of its safety as an injection into women’s front vaginal walls for the purposes of sexual enhancement. The survey data that is often claimed on the sites that market that g shot are not scientific studies subjected to peer review that I know of, as is common for most common medical procedures. As such, we have no way of knowing if the g shot is safe or if it works to make women more “aware” of their so-called g spot or its erotic potential. We just don’t know. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

One doctor I spoke with told me that an issue with the g shot is that it can be very tricky to get the collagen into the vaginal wall. I was told that it can easily squirt out as it’s being injected, and thus many women aren’t even getting the full dose that they are paying roughly $1850 for (by accounts I’ve found online). So how many women are really getting the dose that is claimed? We don’t know. Again, no independent, scientific study has been done on the g shot that I’ve seen – even though I think it would be great! Women deserve choices, I think, and it may be something that some women would want or benefit from if only they could assess to what extent it might have an effect on their sexual experience.

As far as orgasm potential goes, the g shot has not been tested for its potential to give a woman an orgasm. I would be very skeptical of any such claims. If you are interested in learning to have an orgasm, however, sex therapy has been shown to work for many women as have the exercises described in the book Becoming Orgasmic. I hope this is helpful.

You can learn more about the g shot in an article from the San Francisco Chronicle (in which I am quoted), from Margaret Cho’s blog or from

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