MSP (Potentially) Great Sex Position of the Week: The Shoulder Holder

 There are a ton of different names for this position, but I like to call it The Shoulder Holder, which is what Men’s Health magazine refers to it as in their Position Finder (some of you may know that I also work as the Men’s Health sex columnist). The Shoulder Holder requires a few things, but namely, a strong man and a flexible partner. In this position, a woman lays on her back, inserts Part A into Part B, and then stretches her legs into the air – well, either straight up in the air or, if her partner is strong and willing and able, then over his shoulders (hence the position’s name). He holds her legs still while they thrust up and down, side to side, or wiggle around in circular motions, in ways that feel yummy-licious to both of them.

Fair warning: If the man involved in this position finds it difficult to control the timing of his ejaculation, it is possible that this move will send him over the top. Then again, it might send women over the top too (which is a good place to be, eh?). That said, women who like to control their position movements by pressing into the soles of their feet may find it hard to get ground in this position at first – after all, women’s footsies are in mid-air or on his shoulders/chest. Instead, try contracting your abdominal muscles as a means of moving your hips in tasty ways.

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