MSP (Potentially) Great Sex Position of the Week: Downward Dog (not the yogic kind)

Okay, it’s not exactly like Downward-Facing Dog in yoga, but it does give you an idea of what’s to come, right?

One of the cool things about the way human beings have sex is that we are one of the few species that has sex face-to-face, which makes it easier to whisper sweet nothings and get all our ooey-gooey feelings expressed during what some affectionately call “lovemaking”.

Then there are times where that vibe isn’t quite what either of you are going for and you’re feeling more like you want to turn over and get spanked or have your hair pulled. Am I right? Not that that’s the only benefit of downward dog (DD). In fact, DD can be a very sweet, tender, gentle position, too.

Some women worry that DD is a position liked only by men with power complexes, or by men who want to degrade them. While that may be true for some men, or in some circumstances, rear entry positions are in fact extremely common among all sorts of couples, including very progressive, open-minded, equality-focused men and loving couples.

Some women like DD for its ability to target g spot stimulation. Others find that it simply feels different (in a good way) because of the way it angles the penis against the vagina in ways missionary just cannot do. And yes, some people feel like total porn stars (again, in a good way) in this position.

Though there are many ways to get into rear entry, DD is often accomplished in this fashion: A woman gets on all fours as in typical doggie style and then slides forward onto the bed or a pillow – but not totally all the way (not lying down – but about half way, so that her breasts are touching the bed and her butt is still arched up).

Her partner follows suit so that their bodies are closer. This position allows the guy less thrusting power, which means sex can be a bit slower, gentler and full of grinding (which can stimulate the g spot in a very focused way) than in typical doggie style. It also allows for the occasional kiss on a woman’s neck, which can feel arousing, exciting and send goosebumps down one’s spine. Enjoy!

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