Mmmmm……… cakes (and tips about food and sex play)

Two scrumptuous looking cakes from a wedding we went to along the coast of Oregon this summer. The bride’s cake (on the left) was lemon-y. The groom’s cake (right) had chocolate truffles all over it. YUM. I can definitely appreciate the ways in which people combine food with sexuality, romance, love and celebrations. Particularly when it involves choclate.

And since this is a sex blog, why not provide a suggestion or two? If you are using food as part of your sex play, try to steer clear of oil-based foods (like some chocolate sauces) if you are using latex condoms, as oil can cause latex to break. If a woman is prone to yeast infections, she should probably steer clear of having foods near (or in) her vagina. And certainly make sure that your partner is not allergic to any of the items used in your food play! 

That said, if you can safely use food in your sex play, enjoy yourself! Food items can be placed on breasts, chests, backs, stomachs, thighs and more. If you’re in need of inspiration, just think of the Samantha/sushi scene in the Sex and the City movie!

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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