Locked! Male Chastity Devices

Medieval Male Chastity

Chastity belts, both male and female, have a wild mythological history allegedly dating back to the times of the Crusades. Although the concept of a chastity belt does appear in Renaissance poetry and literature, all models previously thought to have come from Medieval times have been confirmed as clever fakes designed by the Victorians. It was not until the 19th century that chastity belts made their first truly functional appearance.

Victorian Male Chastity Corset Design

Victorian Male Chastity

A male chastity belt is a device designed to prevent masturbation, nocturnal emissions, and intercourse. In the 19th century, the focus was primarily on preventing masturbation among adolescent men. Masturbation was known as the “killer of youth” and it was widely believed to have disastrous effects on the body and the mind. Science and rational thought ultimately prevailed and by the early 20th century masturbation phobia began to slow and was dismissed as a medical concern. The male chastity belt was reinvented as a form of sex play for the 20th century and beyond.

Modern male chastity

Male chastity devices are being made more quickly and in greater numbers than ever before with thanks to modern technology. Whether you like a simple and sleek chrome design, a medieval looking waist belt, or a small leather sheath to confine the penis the options are nearly endless. Here are just a few samples of modern male chastity devices.

Locking Shorts

These leather shorts would look stylish at the upcoming San Francisco Folsom Street Fair (link NSFW) and would probably be easy to hide underneath your standard trousers or jeans, but one of the main drawbacks for this style would be the inability for the skin to breathe freely as well as the lack of bathroom access. They would be a fun device to try out for short term wear. The key holder should also be aware that to fully release their bottom, they need to unlock four different locks.

The CB-6000

The CB series of male chastity devices demonstrates that a company is willing to listen to its customers. With each new release, the CB series updates design flaws to help ensure that long term wear is comfortable (relatively speaking) and safe. The CB-6000 does allow for urination and because of its small design it is very easy to hide beneath clothing.

There are many, many more styles and designs as well as communities to discuss male chastity. If you are considering a purchase, it is important to remember that sizing is vital. If a chastity device is too loose, it may fall off at inopportune moments and if it is too tight it may cause pain or pinching. Also keep in mind that many people use chastity devices in different ways and for different lengths of time. Some people may wear their chastity device out to dinner as a form of foreplay while others may wear theirs for months at a time as a sign of submission and devotion.  Your style of chastity, both material and sexual, is up to you!

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