In Honor Of “Hump-Day”

In honor of “Hump Day” (or Wednesday for those who are not catching on to my not-so-original joke) I thought I would share a fun find that I stumbled upon this weekend!

Women’s Health has an amazing tool on their web page that allows users to interact with the site in order to find new and exciting sex positions to try.

Once you’ve entered the site you’ll find that taking up the majority of the page there is a 6×6 column grid. This multi-color grid displays mini-pictures of various sex positions–allowing users to click on whichever one peaks their interest.

Or if you’re more interested in which position(s) fit you and your partner best, there are three interactive tabs on the side:

  1. FEELS BEST FOR” — Here you have the option of clicking on HIM, HER, or SOLO. By picking a category, this allows the website to filter out the best positions that offer the most stimulation for the individual chosen. Once one of the options is selected, the appropriate photos and descriptions pop up.
  2. CUSTOMIZE” — On this function you’re able to enter in his penis size (small, medium, or large), his stamina (short or long), and then your flexibility (stiff or pretzel). Upon submitting your data, you push a “Calculate” button, and (again) the appropriate photos and descriptions pop up corresponding to the information you provided.
  3. SPIN TO GET LUCKY” — This one is pretty self-explanatory! All you do is click the spinning game piece and it will choose a sex position at random for you.

Here are a few recommendations from yours truly:

"Leap Frog" Photo courtesy of Women's Health

"Scoop Me Up" Photo courtesy of Women's Health

"G-Whiz" Photo Courtesy of Women's Health

Each sex position photo is accompanied with 3 tips: how to assume the position, the benefit each will receive/what areas the position will stimulate, and a bonus tip (typically suggesting a way you can enhance that position).

The variety is great; whether you’re looking to try girl-on-top, include more clitoral stimulation, achieve deeper penetration–there are even options for going solo.

Another perk, Women’s Health has provided an option where you can print out all 30 slides and take them on the go! So do yourself a favor, honor “hump day” and assume a new position!

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