Hummingbird Sex Position from My Own Worst Enemy

In case you are one of the numerous people scouring the internet for information about the so-called “hummingbird sex position” referenced on the television show My Own Worst Enemy, rest assured – it was essentially made up for the show. Some blogs have taken the television reference and tried to ponder what it is we can learn from hummingbirds, whose mating is actually very quick (as in, 4 seconds), may occasionally occur in mid-air, and can involve the male sort of sneaking up on the female. In other words, these aren’t exactly attributes that one would want to add to their sex life! Can you imagine a mid-air romp? (And no, not mid-air as in Mile High Club but mid-air as in flying).

Others have wondered if the so-called Hummingbird sex position is a reference to how women and men can make humming sounds or “mmmm” sounds to enhance oral sex. While one can do that, it’s not often considered a “position” rather it’s more of a technique (basically providing low level vibration to a partner’s genitals).

What can we learn from this?

1. Sometimes TV shows and magazines make up sex positions (this is nowhere near the first time).
2. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because it makes people curious about and interested in improving their sex lives!
3. That said, you’re more likely to enhance your sex life by spending substantial time in foreplay, making out sometimes just for the sake of making out, and focusing on your relationship and feeling closer/more intimate (which can result in vastly better sex). 
4. Try positions that have been time-tested such as the Coital Alignment Technique, a variation on missionary that makes orgasm easier for some (but not all) women.

To learn more detailed information about sex techniques and positions such as the hip tilt move, woman on top squatting, and how to use sex toys with a partner to make it easier for women to orgasm, check out my fun new book Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction (save money by pre-ordering your copy on Amazon).

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