How To Recycle Your Sex Toys


According to Consumerist, sex toy recycling is now widely available in the US. For every package of (cleaned) sex toys that you mail to the Sex Toy Recycling Program (whether one or several toys are in there), one can receive a $10 gift certificate for a new sex toy. This is an improvement over previous sex toy recycling programs. For example, back in 2007 (if I recall correctly), the UK-based sex toy company LoveHoney started what they called a “Rabbit Amnesty” program by which one could return their rabbit-styled vibrator and get half off a new rabbit-style vibrator from them.

The problem, from my point of view, was that not everyone likes rabbit-styled vibrators. What about the silver bullets, slim line styles, hard plastics, vibrating eggs and other sex toys of the world? What to do with them?

Long time MSP readers may remember that, as a joke, I created the Sex Toy Cemetery a while ago (but of course encouraged recycling in reality and in earnest).  We buried the Purple Tickler, a silver bullet, a clitoral pump, a hummingbird vibrator, and a pink silver bullet.

Now thanks to the Sex Toy Recycling Program’s expanded line of what types of toys and toy materials they will accept, there’s no need to bury any more toys in the ground. Well, unless the toys have expressed wishes for a burial rather than a recycling, I suppose.

[Sex Toy Recycling Program via Consumerist; thanks to JM for sharing the link with me]

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