How to have amazing hotel sex

colorful hotel in buenos aires argentinaAlthough it may seem as though hotel sex doesn’t need any special preparation – it is, after all, just like having sex in a studio apartment, right? – you’d be surprised how far a little pre-planning you can go. Wherever you’re going this summer, if you end up in a hotel and think sex is a possibility, check out these 5 tips to make your hotel sex memorable in the steamiest of ways:

1. Ask for the right room. I’m not suggesting that you ask for “a good room to have sex in”. Rather, figure out what does it for you. If you dream of giving your boyfriend a blowjob on the balcony, try your hardest to score a room with one. Are you two into loud sex? Ask for a room far from the elevator. Do you get turned on thinking that others can hear? Perhaps request a room close to the elevator. Hot tub fantasies? Find a hotel that has one built in rather than traumatize guests on the rooftop pool level.

2. Pack accordingly. If you two use condoms, bring extras in case you go for multiple rounds or your first two condoms break. If you’re most turned on when your body is hair-free, bring a razor for a last minute shower and shave (whether that’s a face, leg, underarm or pubic hair shave is up to you). Bring anything else you’d like to enhance the mood: lingerie, candles, matches, sex toys (such as vibrators), flavored body sugar or lube. If you’re traveling by air and don’t want to check a back, make sure your liquids are the right size.

3. Keep it clean. We’ve all seen those Dateline specials where they take black lights to the hotel walls and suggest that men ejaculate all over the room. Please don’t be those people. Keep your fluids on the sheets if at all possible rather than on the so-called cum-forters (the covers that are rarely cleaned in between guests). Going for sex on a chair? Lay a towel down first as a barrier between your partner’s butt and the chair.

4. Check the mini-bar. Some hotels offer condoms, lube or even vibrators in the mini-bar. If you’ve forgotten yours or just feel like exploring (or if you meet your hotel sex partner while traveling and all of this happens spur of the moment), it may be worth checking the mini-bar. Or call the concierge. Depending on the hotel chain, you may be surprised how comprehensive their supplies are.

5. Take advantage of your surroundings. Many hotels are built for sex. In Miami, check out The Standard’s floor length mirrors in the shower. In Chicago, try an executive suite at the Peninsula with a garden bath overlooking the city and mirrors galore in the bedroom. Some W Lakeshore (Chicago) and The Hudson (NYC) rooms have peek-a-boo windows in between the bathroom and the bedroom which allow for your partner to watch you shower (and possibly masturbate while doing so). Hard Rock Hotels in San Diego and Chicago often have floor length mirrors and chaise lounges which facilitate chair-like sex positions to the max.

6. Ask for a late check-out. If your sex goes all night – or starts late and ends in the dawn – you may not want to interrupt your post-sex cuddle to request a late check-out. As such, ask for one upon arrival or stay at a hotel chain at which you’re an elite member (many hotel chains will give their preferred/elite members late check outs – sometimes even as late as 5pm the next day). After all, you do want time for morning sex, don’t you?

Hotel sex has the potential to be among your most fun sexual experiences. Just don’t steal the towels – no matter how much you need a souvenir to remind you of what’s transpired.

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