How many women and men use vibrators?


More than half of women have used vibrators as have nearly half of men – this from a nationally representative study that our research team at The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University conducted last year. In the fall we presented the findings from this study at the American Public Health Association (read more from our study abstract) and more recently we’ve published articles on the topic in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (read our article about women’s vibrator use here and our article about men’s vibrator use here).

Not only is this information of interest to scientists, but journalists also wisely recognize that women and men are interested in knowing how many women and men have used vibrators, what they do with them, whether they use them with a partner and such. The articulate and witty columnist Konrad Marshall recently tackled the topic of these “personal machines that wiggle and buzz” (as he put it) in a recent piece titled “Sex & relationships: Good vibrations in sexual partnerships”. (Read the full article here.)

I think he’s wise to raise the topic – after all, just because vibrator use is common doesn’t mean that it is often openly discussed. By opening the discussion, women and men may come to feel more comfortable talking to their own partner about vibrator use, which can open doors in terms of their sexual communication and potential for pleasure. Whether or not you use a sex toy such as a vibrator alone or with a partner, talking to your partner about your curiosities, fantasies or sexual “likes” can help to expand your sexual relationship in meaningful ways. This week – at least once – try to connect with your partner in a new way and see how it works for you.

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