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During a recent trip to Good Vibrations in Brookline, MA, I was pleased to see that strap-on harnesses are getting a bit of a facelift! Instead of the usual basic black harnesses, the store offered an array of snazzy themed harnesses. This got me thinking about the importance of choosing a good harness. Before I tell you my faves, here’s what you should keep in mind when looking for a harness:

1. Bring your toys with you when purchasing a harness. You want to make sure that your toy will fit, especially if the harness ring isn’t removable.

2. Don’t be afraid to bring your partner! A harness can absolutely be a solo purchase, but it’s also fun to get some input from the person you’re sharing it with.

3. Try it on! Most sex shops have changing rooms, and you should absolutely take advantage of this! While some harnesses are adjustable, many are sized, and it’s important to feel totally comfortable in your harness.

Keeping all of that in mind, here are my two favorite strap-on harnesses:

Image courtesy of goodvibrations.com


-The RodeoH Fabric Harness- $45: This harness is not only super cute, but made for comfort! The RodeoH fits like a regular pair of boy briefs, and has a snazzy little built-in cock ring to hold your toy in place. It ranges in size from XS to XL, and at $45, the price is right! Plus, it’s machine-washable. What more can you ask for?




The Betty, image courtesy of goodvibrations.com


-The Betty/The Veronica: For all my fierce femmes out there, this is the perfect harness! Who says you can’t be girly while wielding such a traditionally masculine toy? While these are a bit more pricey than the RodeoH, at $68 each, they’re too cute to pass up! These harnesses fit any size toy, since they use velcro in place of a ring. They’re also machine washable, and range in size from XS to 1X.




Image courtesy of goodvibrations.com


-Spandex Harness: Talk about comfort! These fit like a pair of bike shorts, and are perfect for gender non-conforming folks, as it’s good for pack and play. This has exchangeable O-rings, making it perfect for a variety of toy sizes. Reviewers suggest buying a size down, since they tend to stretch in the wash!





Keep in mind that you don’t have to go super fancy when buying a harness! You can always stick with a traditional triangle leather harness, which tend to range in price from $20-$50. Amazon.com actually offers a great selection of harnesses, though you should go try some on in a store before buying online to make sure it’s right for you!

So, MSP readers, you’re now ready to find the right harness. Don’t forget the three key steps to purchasing a harness, and most of all, don’t forget to have fun!

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