Hands-Free Lube Dispenser

"Place one in each Bathroom & the Kitchen!"

No longer just the accessories of nicer public restrooms, hands-free soap dispensers seem to be everywhere nowadays and there are an increasing number of for-the-home models being marketed. It occurred to me one day that if these devices could dispense soap, lotion, and hand sanitizer as the manufacturers advertise, they could also dispense lube!

Lube bottles are all-too-often poorly designed for their intended use. I remember a globetrotter friend of mine complaining about how her lube-of-choice leaked so terribly every time she travelled, she had to buy a separate bottle to refill. Lube bottles are often tricky to open too, especially if one’s hands are already lube-y. With necessity being the mother of invention, I decided to Macgyver a better bottle.

So enter my successful experiment: Repurposed Soap Dispenser


  • One hands-free soap dispenser (Pick one that allows you to refill with your own soap or lotion – not the soap-brand specific ones that have unique refill bottles.)
  • One new bottle of lube (large enough to fill to the minimum fill line)
  • Batteries (if required)

Overall, I’m very pleased with the result. The model I used, “The Soap Magic,” dispensed a perfect amount of product quickly and easily. It was simple to refill, came with batteries, and isn’t an eyesore on the nightstand. It actually looks a bit like a small reading lamp, so points for subtlety.

Not only is the dispenser handy for any re-lubrication during sex play, it’s quite sanitary as well. I remember learning in a sex ed training that germs from your hand can get re-sucked into the lube bottle when squeezing new lube into your hand. Not terribly sexy, especially if you’re enjoying any anal activities where a bit more bacterial vigilance is required.

A word of caution: I recommend turning the dispenser to the OFF position when not in use. Last thing you want is to accidentally get a lube squirt when you reach for your water glass in the middle of the night (although it would make an entertaining story). Also of note: I tried this experiment with water-based lube. I can imagine you could use silicone-based lube too (if you’re so inclined), but I didn’t test it. The trick with that would be to get a large enough bottle to reach the minimum fill line, as silicone-based lubes tend to come in small, rather pricey bottles.

Looking for other ideas for re-purposing household things for sexy uses? Check out this article by Garnet Joyce.

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    This is hysterical and FANTASTIC.  Thank you for sharing!

  • Kate

    My pleasure, Kait! Glad you enjoyed it.