Four tips for better woman on top sex position fun

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Woman on top is one of the most commonly chosen sexual intercourse positions in many Western countries and yet it is also one of the more challenging sex positions for couples. Many women and men are unsure what to do once the woman gets on top and some men find that it is difficult to maintain their erection in woman on top. Couples may benefit from exploring different ways of “doing” woman on top. Here are four suggestions for woman on top sex:

1. Women: once on top, hover over his penis so that your vagina is just barely enveloping his penis. Leaning forward, kiss him slowly and seductively as you very, very slowly lower your vagina down the shaft of his penis. See how long you can take to reach the base… 10 seconds? 30 seconds? 5 minutes? For additional fun: Try squeezing the muscles around your vagina as you slowly lower your vagina and/or reach behind your body to stimulate his scrotum (balls) or perineum.

2. Men: having trouble keeping your erection in woman on top due to a lack of movement? Encourage her to hover several inches over your penis. With a hand on each of her hip bones (or on her bottom/butt), hold her hips in place while you thrust your hips and penis upward into her vagina. This version of woman on top may offer you the best of both worlds: the chance to relax your body while keeping your hips and penis active.

3. Women: Plant a foot on each side of your partner’s body so that you’re in a squatting position. Slide your vagina down your partner’s penis, then move up and down quickly. I’ve outlined modifications to this position in much greater detail in my book, Because It Feels Good (which you can pre-order from Powell’s or Amazon).

4. Men: Encourage your partner to lean forward to kiss you, then bend your knees so that your knees point toward the ceiling. While she stays still on your penis, make your penis “dance” (by contracting muscles around the base of your penis). These movements may help you to maintain your erection while providing additional stimulation for her. If your penis has a downward curve and your female partner enjoys g spot stimulation, reverse cowgirl (in which she faces your feet rather than your head) may be pleasurable for both of you as well.

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