For Valentine’s Day, Dear Prudence Recommends Because It Feels Good

Slate has long been a well-traveled web site in our household and, in particular, the Dear Prudence column by Emily Yoffe (she won me over back in 2008 with this “snooze alarm junkie” video). So I was happy and flattered to read a recent response of hers in which she advised a woman and her boyfriend to get better sex by way of learning more about sex. The first book she recommended was my sex guide, Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction (in spite of the title, Because It Feels Good can just as easily be read by a couple as each chapter has exercises that can be done solo or with a partner).

It can be difficult to be in a very good relationship but to feel as if the sex part just isn’t working. After all, many of us want someone we love to come home to and sex that satisfies us more often that it doesn’t.  [Faking orgasm or satisfaction can be okay, but it's not something most people really want to do.] This is especially true when we’re considering spending a long time with someone, we often want to make sure the sex is at least good, if not great. Fortunately, sex is one of those things that can often get enormously better when you have a willing partner, an open-mind and some good sex information.

Thanks to Emily for the shout-out. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! And if you’re still looking for a belated gift for someone, check out these romantic gift ideas, sexy gift ideas, and recent reviews of the OhMiBod vibrator and the Vanity Vr2 vibrator.

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