Do It Yourself Dildos

Though there are numerous ways to use produce to make DIY dildos, produce is not one’s only option. This is particularly good if you have an uber-friendly roommate or partner who you worry might accidentally eat your sex toy du jour after it’s been in your nether regions (I know, right?).

Fear not, ethical hygienic ones. You, too, can have DIY dildos without fearing that someone in your household or a visiting friend will eat something you only meant to make sweet love to. Consider, for example:

Candlesticks: We’re not talking the big fat ones from Yankee Candle here. Think instead of the longer slender-ish ones. Then slip a condom on over it, slather on some water-based or silicone-based lubricant and voila! You are moments away from pleasure. (I hope it goes without saying that you should NOT – I repeat, NOT EVER – insert a burning/lit candle inside your body).

Making them from scratch: Have a few condoms on hand? Good. Now insert a long, somewhat thin section of a bar of soap. All it takes is cutting the soap into the desired width (use the cutting part of nail clippers or else scissors or a knife to cut and mold the soap just so). You can even get artsy with it if you’d like, turning it into something smaller than, but reminiscent of, the totally creepy sculpture of Lionel Richie’s face (made by a blind woman he’s in love with!) in his epic video for Hello.

Day Old Bread: Okay, I’m just kidding. But several hard, crispy breadsticks – bound together at the top, middle and bottom with rubberbands – and then covered with a condom could work. At least unless you have very strong contractions as you approach and experience orgasm, then you may indeed “break bread” as they say.

The point is to get creative. I have heard stories from female and male readers alike who have used plunger handles, tennis racket grips and much more in unconventional ways. Just make sure that whatever you use is safe and unlikely to hurt you. If it appears to be a little too flexible, to have loose parts (or crumbs) or to be made of a material you don’t want in your body, cover it with a condom! If it has sharp edges or you think it might actually be toxic, don’t use it. It’s that simple. Besides, there are many affordable and high quality sex toys at local shops and available through web sites as well if DIY dildos aren’t your thing or if you want more variety in your life.

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