Close your eyes, cover your ears, (close your legs?) to g spot misinformation

A BBC story has this bolded quote:

"The mysterious G spot – supposedly a route to female sexual satisfaction – can be located with ultrasound, claim Italian scientists."

But that is NOT what the researchers say based on their research!! And the BBC article pretty much goes on to say that but their grabbing, bolded headline makes it sound like scientists have "found" the g spot. NOT SO! Do not believe that. It is not what the research says.

These articles – and there will likely be a lot related to this study in the next few days – are based on a study that looked at the vagina of 9 women (yes, only nine!!!) who are orgasmic during vaginal intercourse versus 11 women who are not. A total of 20 carefully selected women (they had to  meet very specific criteria) does not exactly male a major g spot discovery.

The BBC article can be found here. If you have questions about it, email me at


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