Breast Massage: Illegal in the US but Fun and Cozy Nevertheless

Though it is illegal in the US (it’s legal in Canada, however), breast massage is a great way to relieve stress, get cozy with your partner, and even screen for cancerous growths. We all know how great it is to get a nice shoulder rub after a long day, but I bet you don’t know how amazing it feels to get a breast massage! The muscles surrounding the breast tissue tend to get pretty tense, which makes sense considering the weight they carry around all day. Since the breasts are so infrequently touched in a therapeutic way, partner-massage is a great way to give them some action.

My partner’s sister, Margaret Pangburn, is currently in massage therapy school. She’s a big proponent of breast massage, and told me that it is not only “the best way to screen for growths,” but is good for your body’s natural circulation: “because the breasts house a large number of lymph glands, circulation of this important fluid is key for optimal health.” Margaret also filled me in on the legality of breast massage. “At massage school, we’re taught how to work on every muscular part of the body – except the breasts.  One professor told us “‘it’s wonderful, but it’s illegal in the U.S. – go try Canada. It’s legal in Canada.’ In this country we’re required to have 300-800 hours of instruction before licensing – most Canadian provinces require a couple thousand hours of training, and in the end they get to practice breast massage.” As a massage therapy student, she believes that every part of the body should receive the same amount of therapeutic treatment, and thinks that “if we treated the breasts like any other part of the body, clients would be able to reap the greatest benefits.”

Though it’s illegal for a LMT to perform breast massage on a client, it’s perfectly legal to do it within the confines of your own home with a partner. Here are some steps to an awesome breast massage experience!
1. Get the right kind of massage oil. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Lush’s massage bars. Since they are solid bars, there’s no chance of spillage. Check out all of their bars here.
2. Get comfy. I’ve found that the best way to do this is to have the person receiving the massage lay their head in their partner’s lap. That way, the massager has full range of motion over the entire area.
3. Try out some new techniques! This video gives some good techniques. Margaret also recommended The Massage Book by George Downing for some great breast massage techniques.
4. While you’re down there, why not do a screening as well? Check out this video on how to do a partner breast exam.

Breast massage is a great way to bring you and your partner together, as it feels great and has amazing health benefits for you, and they get to touch one of the best parts of you!

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