Better Oral Sex Tip #2: How to make oral sex taste better

Tip #2 for Yummifying Oral Sex: Make it tasty.

As I hinted at last week, one – but only one – of my four tips for yummifying oral sex has to do with taste. That’s because while flavor certainly has something to do with enjoying oral sex, by no means is it everything.

Though taking regular showers and baths is (I hope) assumed, it’s worth saying that cleanliness – within reason – can enhance the way that oral sex tastes (there’s no need to tirelessly scrub your genitals, however, as that can irritate them). Also, although some people immediately think of flavored lubricants when they think of ways to change the taste or flavor of oral sex, but in fact flavored lubes are only one possibility. Consider, for example:

-        Orange zest. As I learned while researching a story for Time Out Chicago, breaking off a piece of orange peel (or another citrus fruit), holding it about an inch away from a man’s penis, and bending it backwards so that a zesty “mist” flies off the peel and onto the penis is one way to make fellatio taste better (this is perhaps better done to men’s genitals, as woman’s genitals can be quite sensitive). Also, I would avoid using limes for this – no matter how much you like lime flavored tostitos – as some people’s skin can get easily irritated by lime.

-        Mint. Try sucking on a mint (or mint tea) prior to (or while) going down on a partner. Or – again, for men’s genitals only – you might try sucking on a mint, then gently gliding it up and down the shaft of his penis before licking it.

-        Flavored powders. Many sex boutiques sell flavored powders – I like Dust Me Pink from Pure Romance (some people think that it tastes like Smarties candies) and some of the Kama Sutra branded powders available at local sex boutiques  – that can be sprinkled on men’s or women’s genitals and then licked up. I also like the Mint Julep flavored body sugar from Tulip in Chicago.

That’s not to say that flavored lubricants are passé or that they can’t do the job. However, if you go with a flavored lube, definitely do your research as many of them taste like cough medicine. Some people think Climax Fruit Bomb is the best flavored lubricant (Blue Raspberry is a popular flavor). Others prefer the Good Head flavored lubes (sometimes sold as Great Head flavored lubes; note: these are intended for fellatio, not cunnilingus, as they have a slight numbing effect intended to ease the gag relax). Ask your local sex boutique salesperson to recommend a flavored lube or – better yet – ask for a sample taste, or whether they sell sample size variety packs of lubes so that you and your partner can do a taste test at home. 

Over time, you may find that you come to enjoy the natural taste of your partner’s genitals (or your own, I suppose, if you’re flexible enough). But for those that prefer to add a little flavor – even if just for the sake of variety – there are many possibilities of pleasure. Have fun!

Check back next week for Tip #3 for Yummifying Oral Sex.

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