A Peek Inside the ANME Tradeshow: New Sex Toy Heaven

Recently, the company I work for, MyPleasure, added Buyer to my list of duties. This means that I get to do a lot of product research and decide what we should and shouldn’t pick up for the site. It’s a job I’ve wanted for a long time now and it definitely comes with perks. For example,  a couple weeks ago I got to go to my first adult toy trade show, ANME. For someone who is extremely nerdy about sex toys this was total heaven for me.

There were two rooms with 50 different vendors hawking their wares. There were lots of sex toys I’d seen before, but there were also new toys that just hit the market or weren’t even out yet. These were the most exciting to me. Getting to see new stuff before everyone else is like a dream come true!

I didn’t hit every booth. I only had two days to absorb everything. I avoided the booths selling nothing but penis enlargers and numb-ers. And I only spent time with the bigger companies like Doc Johnson, Pipedreams, and California Exotics when I had meetings set up with them and the rest of my coworkers. I preferred to spend my time with the smaller companies; the ones who really know their products and offer higher quality merchandise. I got to know the sales people and ask them the hard questions.

I kept telling myself to take pictures of all the amazing awesomness that was coming out, but it was so overwhelming that I only managed to remember to take a few pictures. The last picture is very NSFW so scroll with caution.

Phallix Glass had gorgeous glass dildos and vibrators. I learned a lot about how the toys are made from the sales rep at the show.

Tantus is coming out with a set of 5 (one missing from picture) new mini-vibes that use their high quality silicone with a new stronger bullet and they are at a price point that is much lower than usual for this USA based company. It was really great meeting the CEO, Metis Black, who has been a mentor of mine over the years.

This bendable rose vibrator by Evolved Novelties promises to be a big seller for Valentine’s Day. After all, flowers die, but batteries can be replaced.

One of the bigger companies, Pipedream, had their giant booth right at the entrance to the show and to get your attention they had life-size women’s body parts used for masturbation displayed right as you walked in. I didn’t take a picture of the body parts themselves as they got dirty pretty quickly with everyone touching them. But here’s a picture of one of the boxes.

I can’t wait until the next trade show!

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