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Man ejaculates on passenger during flight

This is beyond inappropriate:
"A 21-year-old Harris County woman filed a $200,000 lawsuit against American Airlines alleging employees on a flight to Los Angeles from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport failed to protect her while she slept from another passenger who masturbated to her and ejaculated in her hair, according to a lawsuit she filed last week in Tarrant County." (read the full article here)
How traumatizing for the young woman. We are all so vulnerable when we are asleep and it was terrible of that man to take advantage of her. That said, I’m not quite sure what others could have necessarily done to "protect her" while she slept. There are many passengers on most planes and few flight attendants - they can’t possibly memorize who is sitting where and thus who has changed seats. It is likely that this man was not masturbating to be seen by others, but was masturbating for his own internal pleasure – and thus likely concealing it well from everyone around him (including the flight attendants). Continue Reading →

Re-using airplane blankets can be gross enough

You know how there are all those TV specials that look at what germs are harbored where and why things like airline blankets should be used over and over again in the same day? Like how you should only use the clean ones that come straight out of the package? Well, how would you like to sit on a seat that a naked person recently sat on while on a flight for nudists? I am sure they will be taking some precautions to minimize the risk of germ transmission – but I wonder what they are. Like, are there disposable paper covers to the seats, a la gyn exam paper gowns? Continue Reading →

Tuna and mercury risk – and why it’s relevant to sex

According to a recent report from The New York Times, tuna sampled from various NYC area restaurants contained vastly unacceptable levels of mercury and it is thought that tuna in other parts of the country would have similar, potentially unhealthy levels of sushi. Tuna sashimi is one of my favorite foods so this is sad news for me. What does this have to do with sexual health? Well, mercury levels can potentially be negative for adult’s health in terms of both neurological and cardiovascular health. However, the main threats relate to babies and children. Continue Reading →

Birth control patch and blood clots: new warning

Hormonal contraception for women carries risks. These risks often include a small but real risk of blot clots, strokes and heart problems. Guys, if you didn’t stop to think that your girlfriend or wife takes on health risks so that you can ejaculate into her vagina without a condom or much of a worry about unintended pregnancy, then think about that right now. I mean, seriously, take it to heart. This New York Times piece discusses how Ortho Evra, also known as the birth control patch, seems to have a higher than expected rate of blood clots. Such blood clots, it is pointed out, could potentially lead to a lung embolism. This new information will be added to the drug’s label, thanks to the US Food and Drug Administration. Continue Reading →

Warning: Drug-resistant staph infection

This New York Times article gives a quick once-over on a highly resistant staph infection (a strain of MRSA bacteria) that seems to be disproportionately hitting gay men. I was listening to a NPR report about yesterday which discussed how the lesions are often showing up on or around the genitals and buttocks, which suggested that the bacteria were being passed through sexual contact. However, they also cautioned that it seems like people may be getting it through casual contact as well. Keep in mind that just because an infection hits gay men more than it hits other groups does not mean that it will only hit gay men. Or that it won’t hit you if you’re a straight or married man who secretly has sex with men. Continue Reading →

US HIV rates expected to rise

Although recent UN reports suggested that the number of people infected with HIV is actually lower than previously believed, it should be stressed that this was largely due to better reporting methods in parts of India and Africa. In the United States, however, it may be that we have MORE cases of HIV/AIDS than previous reporting methods suggested. Read the full New York Times piece by Gardiner Harris here. Continue Reading →

Washington DC: Highest AIDS rate in the US

According to a recent report cited in a recent New York Times piece by Gardiner Harris, Washington DC has the highest AIDS rate in the United States with approximately 1 in 50 residents testing positive for HIV. There are several alarming issues here – one being that the number of children who have tested positive for HIV makes up 6% of all pediatric HIV cases in the country. Now, if HIV were evenly distributed throughout the United States, then each state (and DC) would be expected to have roughly 2% of cases, depending on how many children were actually in the state. DC would probably be expected to have closer to 1% of pediatric HIV cases given that it has fewer residents than, say, Texas, California or New York who have more people, more children and thus the potential for a higher rate of pediatric HIV cases. But DC has 6% of all children diagnosed with HIV? Continue Reading →

Vibrators and Airport Security: Traveling with vibrators in your luggage

Sometimes I travel with sex toys in my luggage either for business (at meetings, toy company reps will often give me sex toys to review in my columns or for the emerging toy box section of the blog) or for pleasure. This morning I had this experience while flying out of a certain Florida airport with a silver bullet vibrator in my suitcase: Continue Reading →