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Facebook and Syphilis: What You Need to Know

This morning, the Twitterverse was abuzz with mentions of Facebook and syphilis. The UK paper, The Sun, has a headline that reads “Sex diseases soaring due to Facebook romps” (though according to The Guardian, an original headline read “Facebook spreads syphilis”). So what’s this all about? Because obviously a web site cannot “spread” a sexually transmissible infection (STI) such as syphilis, which is transmitted through vaginal sex, oral sex and anal sex. Well, apparently a public health official from the NHS commented that young people in the areas most affected by syphilis were 25% more likely to log on to Facebook than young people in other areas of the country. Continue Reading →

HIV/AIDS: A New Case Every 9 1/2 Minutes

I recently discovered that the CDC is making video podcasts on a range of issues from hand washing to H1N1 to what to do when you’re sick (like I’ve been today – boo!). One of the videos is called “Nine and a Half Minutes” and spreads the message that, in the United States, someone new gets HIV every 9 1/2 minutes. The related web site features information about HIV/AIDS, testing and resources for information and support. Continue Reading →

Carrying Too Many Condoms in DC? Risk Arrest.

In our latest installment of ridiculous sex-negative laws, carrying too many condoms coupled with “suspicious behavior” could lead to your arrest. What’s too many condoms, you might ask? According to this article in the DC area GW Hatchet newspaper, two or more. Yikes. Way to promote safer sex in a city with an enormously high rate of HIV. Continue Reading →

My students’ videos about sex

Last semester, students in my human sexuality class had an assignment to create a public service announcement (PSA). The videos touched on a wide range of topics from college hook-ups to condom use to alcohol and sex to chlamydia and HIV.  Though the the PSAs were shown exclusively in class, some of them also added theirs to the conversation on YouTube. Check out their brilliant (and sometimes touching, sometimes quite funny) work here:

and here

and here:


Thoughts? (P.S. F255-ers, if I’m missing any others on YouTube, let me know!) Continue Reading →

Questions about HPV, cervical cancer, HPV transmission and HPV tests

I was doing some reading on your site, regarding HPV. I was doing the reading, because, it has come to my attention, that my son had sex with a woman, who has told me she definately has HPV, and it is one of the ones, that can cause cervical cancer. Her pap test revealed this, and she is under a doctors care for the cervical cancer. My questions to you are: should I inform my son? SHould he be concerned that he has had sex with someone who definately has HPV, and she is also being treated for cervical cancer, that she got from HPV? Continue Reading →

Update on Gardasil (HPV vaccine) being required of legal permanent resident girls and women

Last night I learned that the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, was now being required of girls and women in order for them to be legal permanent residents of the United States. At the time, it was unclear to me who (as in, what age) the vaccine was being required for – it turns out, according to government documents, that the vaccine is being required of girls and women ages 11 through 26. I cannot believe that they are mandating this for CHILDREN – this has been a huge controversy in the United States for girls who are citizens (parent groups, conservative organizations, religious groups and feminist groups protested when states tried to mandate the vaccine to young girls in the US) – but now people immigrating into the US are being required to get this vaccine? From what I am reading on health-related listservs today, several groups are planning to protest this requirement. Stay tuned. Continue Reading →