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Is Sex-Based Medicine Helpful or Harmful?

Our society needs categories in able to function (or so it seems). These categories come in handy when we’re collecting data for the Census, but the rest of the time, they tend to do more harm than good. In the United States, many pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals use these categories to study human health. It seems like this would make sense, right? Some groups of people are prone to some diseases more than others, so stratifying the data could help to create cures or treatment specific to this group. Continue Reading →

Product Review: Renew Toy Revitalizing Cleanser

Our friends over at Good Vibrations recently sent me a new product to review. It’s like Christmas all over again! The Renew Toy Revitalization Cleanser is such a handy little thing! Forget about interrupting sexy times to run to the bathroom to clean a toy- a swift pump of this little spray bottle and you’re good to go! This comes in handy especially if you share a bathroom- I can’t tell you how awkward it is to try to clean a sex toy in a dormitory bathroom. You get all kinds of weird looks. Continue Reading →

Colleges Should Support Male Sexual Violence Survivors

This Chronicle report advises universities to include men in their sexual violence support and prevention services, reasoning that sexual violence against men is often underreported, and that universities are obligated to provide safe environments for all their students. Due to the prevalence of worldwide sexual violence against men, and situations showing that discussing gender roles with boys helps them think outside ingrained sexist behaviors (such as those that sustain rape culture), it seems like directing sexual assault prevention messages at college men as well as women is the next logical step in campus safety programs. Continue Reading →

Sex, Love, and Life Advice for Guys

I’m not a sex educator, but I am a sex geek and I love to talk about sex. There’s nothing like having a discussion with your mates in a pub, while the rest of the world moves around you and you’re discussing the latest thing you’ve learned, then some random walks past right at that part of the conversation and you get a weird look. So in response to Debby’s post about advice for women, I compiled a male set of advice that I thought could be helpful to MSP’s readers. 1. You have penis – learn to live with it. Continue Reading →

Donating Sperm Can Be Scary

I recently ran across an interesting article on one of my favorite web sites, Cracked, that discusses “6 Terrifying Things Nobody Tells You About Donating Sperm.” Now, I’m a female bodied individual so I can only truly understand donating sperm to a certain extent. That said, I have several friends who have donated and an ex boyfriend who donated sperm throughout his undergraduate career (and now raises three children). And again, I’m biased and haven’t given donating sperm much thought, other than “It takes what, all of ten minutes? Decent money….” Continue Reading →

Pizza, Teenage Boys, And Masculinity

A year-long District of Columbia program called the “Men of Strength” club—MOST Club—entices high school boys into discussions about masculinity and gender roles by offering pizza at lunch-time meetings. It’s a bit devious, perhaps, but there are worse ways to go about things. Facilitator Kedrick Griffin spends an hour every week at each of various school around the district, hoping “to challenge traditional masculinity and push his young charges to respect their female peers.” Recognizing that sexist behaviors are rewarded by other teenage males, Griffin tries to persuade the guys in his group to think about how harassment, for example, feels from the girl’s perspective, and to learn to deconstruct hegemonic masculinity. Some topics go over better than others; many students, for instance, are still reluctant to accept gay men as masculine enough and as deserving of rights. Continue Reading →

No Shave November

Hey guys, looking to show your support for prostate cancer? Well it may be easier to raise awareness than you think; in fact your solution may be right under your nose (literally). Say hello to MOVEMBER (mustache + November = MOVEMBER): the month in which men grow out their mustaches in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer. [Not a fan of the mustache? No worries, you can participate in ‘no shave November’ by growing out your beard. Continue Reading →

Penile Fracture: New Research Provides Clues

In a new article from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Dr. Andrew Kramer – a surgeon at the University of Maryland School of Medicine – writes about the relatively rare event of “penile fracture” (what some commonly call “breaking your penis”). But rather than reporting on his successful treating of these events (which many surgeons and urologists find themselves doing from time to time), he instead reviewed past patients to try to find out situations that make these fractures more likely to happen in the first place. And that’s where things get interesting. As there are no bones inside of a man’s penis, it’s not a break or fracture in the way we typically think of it. Rather, a penile fracture represents a tear or, as Dr. Kramer says – “a disruption” – of the tunica albuginea, which I’ll call TA here for short. Continue Reading →

Performing Masculinity And The “Act Like A Man” Box

I’ve been researching and writing about masculinity recently (as my current dissertation chapter is on masculinity in fairy tales), and Charlie Glickman’s blogging has been really thought-provoking for me, both intellectually and personally. Starting with his post on the performance of masculinity and proceeding to his post about selectively performing masculinity by choosing attributes from the “act like a man box,” I’ve been thinking about why masculinity has such a pervasive, compelling presence–and what we can do about its negative aspects. By viewing masculinity as a set of traits contained within the “act like a man box,” Glickman has helped give us a language for discussing men’s behavior that is not, as much feminist language is, either very theoretical and abstract or condemning. And yes, a lot of masculine behavior should be condemned as violent, aggressive, misogynist, homophobic. But only using critical language ends conversations rather than starting them; telling a dude off for being a dude shuts down dialogue, and doesn’t give him a way to constructively participate in the effort to fix what’s wrong with hegemonic masculinity. Continue Reading →

Want To Donate Blood? Make Sure You Don’t Look Gay.

Blood banks in the US will not accept blood from men who’ve had sex with men in order to try to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS (despite the fact that the blood is tested before it officially can be used). Not only does this practice prevent potential donors from giving blood, it also allows for arbitrary and idiotic discrimination, as in this case of an Indiana man who was rejected because he “seemed” to be gay. This discriminatory policy costs hospitals healthy blood, and individuals their dignity: regardless of one’s sexuality, to have one’s appearance used against you is wrong. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →