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Everything I Know About Sex I Learned From Star Trek

A few years ago, I heard the best pick-up line I’ve ever heard uttered in real life. Some friends and I were paying nerd homage at Quark’s Bar in the Start Trek Experience in Vegas and we overheard a woman trying to chat up a man on the other end of the bar. In a sexy, low voice (and in all seriousness), she purred, “So… Do you speak Klingon?” I laughed so hard, my Risa Colada nearly went out my nose. Still, I had endless respect for the incredible geekiness we were witnessing, and it warmed my heart to see people find such compatibility. Continue Reading →

Chatroulette Loses Its Erection

According to Ryan Tate over at Valleywag, Chatroulette is on its way out. And according to me, the graph above of its declining use kind of resembles the pelvic area and thighs of a man who is laying down masturbating, perhaps on chatroulette. The tallest point is his erect penis, the bump below the scrotum. And those little up and down ridges? Those are his fingers, tugging at his scrotum. Continue Reading →

A Duke Grad’s Little Black Book Goes Public

In what probably started off as a well-planned inside joke, a recent graduate of Duke University emailed a Powerpoint (NSFW) entitled “An Education Beyond The Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics”. As these things go, her virtual “sex-list” went from being a joke between friends to a viral, public, internet phenomenon. Continue Reading →

Google Instant Ignores Vaginas, Likes Vagisil, Draws Blank on Testicle

By now most Google users are likely familiar with Google Instant, the tweak to their search that allows for constant changes to search results with each letter typed. As a NY Times article pointed out, though, some terms related to “violence, hate and pornography” are filtered out, so they don’t come up immediately with Google Instant. Instead of producing results as you type, the search results go blank if you enter these types of words and you’re asked to press Enter in order to continue. Continue Reading →

Texting During Sex – Is It OK?

I recently came across this old (by internet standards) information graph on, which suggests that 10% of the 25 and under crowd feel that it’s acceptable to text during sex.  As suggested by the author, I started off being a little worried about the future of our civilization, but was relieved when I followed the rabbit hole back to the original article, where the report’s author clarified: these young folks felt it was acceptable to interrupt sex to respond to a text. While this is still a somewhat questionable act, it ruined my visions of the simple logistics involved in texting during sex.I thought of  one partner bent over pecking away at a keyboard while the other is poking from behind; one partner riding no-handed so she can update her Twitter; one partner facesitting, the other on Facebook.  Interesting ideas for erotica or porn, but not very practical in real life. Continue Reading →

A Shirt That Hugs

An old friend of mine came to visit me last weekend. This was the first time since we started college that she has been able to come visit me in Chicago. So, playing the good tour guide, I took her to the Museum of Science and Industry. While the museum is generally full of fun and interesting things, I was most excited about discovering The Hug ShirtTM . This shirt, designed by Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella is an exciting combination of technology and fashion. Continue Reading →

Landlines and Love: A Response

This morning, I read a lovely piece on Gizmodo titled “An Ode to Landlines and Desk Phones” which turned out to be different than I thought. Sentimental as I am, I expected it to tie in a love – and I mean a  real love and a yearning sense of nostalgia – for landlines and phones of yesteryear. Instead it was an informative piece about using Google Voice over a land line, about desk phones and about the sheer weight – literal and figurative – about using a landline. Very well written and smart, and with the perfect accompanying images,  it just didn’t go down the path I was on with a title like that. But then again, I’m always looking for signs of love. Continue Reading →

FaceTime Sex (Uncut)

I recently wrote a post about FaceTime sex for Gizmodo, which I highly recommend that you check out on their site. But because I am a big time chatterbox, I have many more things to say about FaceTime sex that my editor was far too nice to tell me were too much, too long, or too sentimental to say - even though, perhaps, they are. In any case, here they are, in full form (minus the parts you can find edited more astutely on Giz): Continue Reading →

How The Bra Changed Sex

The first bra was invented in 1913, and patented a year later, by Mary Phelps Jacobs, a New York socialite who purchased an evening gown that is said to not have worked well with the whalebone corsets of the time. Through the assemblage of silk handkerchiefs and ribbons, the first brassiere was born – and it changed sex and attraction in myriad ways. Continue Reading →