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Wii Dares What Kinect Won’t

In a previous post of mine, I conjectured that it would be a long time before we see a Rock Band type game looking at sex and sexual activity.  Well, I have been proven wrong! This article talks about the parents who are up in arms since a company released a sexy Truth or Dare game for the Nintendo Wii.  Check out the commercial – it seems like tame fun that could lead to other things! What do you about this?  Like Violet Blue, the NSFW bloggess that led me here, does this entice you to purchase and/or dust off the Wii?  Or perhaps something to use the Wii for now that your Wii Fit board is languishing unloved in the corner?  Or is this normal adult/teen antics for the virtual video game age? Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. You can also follow Craig VanKempen, the author of this post, @craigvk and make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

New Ways to Kinect

As a follow-up to the wonderful article on Vagina Hero, I wanted to share this:

Penny Arcade, one of the gamer communities’ flagship webcomics, is at times both hilarious and offensive.  Is also occasionally impenetrable as well, especially if you aren’t versed in gamer speak.  Fortunately, I am more l33t than n00b, so I am able to keep up with at least half of what they say. Continue Reading →

Virtual Partners

There are many opportunities out there for individuals to explore when looking for a partner. Some more common than others; we’ve heard of blind dates, speed dating, and the oh-so-poplar online dating – but what about video game dating? Thanks to my older sister, I recently read a rather intriguing article from The Wall Street Journal about real men establishing relationships with virtual women. Continue Reading →

Fixing The Visual Strip Search

For a while it seemed like stories about the TSA body scanners and the “enhanced pat-down” procedures were in the news everywhere. The body scanners create 3d images of the body using either Millimeter Wave Technology or Backscatter Technology. Some travelers object to what is described as a “visual strip search”  and do not want to be scanned. Continue Reading →

Checking The Box: Gender And Social Networking

Facebook has had a tremendous impact on the way that people use the internet but it has had its own fair share of growing pains. As privacy, data mining, and censorship issues come into debate many people have been eagerly awaiting another option. Although it has been slow in its development, Diaspora has been lauded as a contender in the world of social networking for the changes it promises in the way that user information is stored and used. Out of all the possible critiques of this site as it crawls towards a launch it was interesting to see one blogger abandon the project because it uses an open text field for gender rather than a selection system with limited options. The author summarized his article saying: Continue Reading →

Peeing On Your Phone Could Be Good?

I never thought I would hear news saying that putting a liquid on your cell phone could be a good thing, especially something that could improve your health. I have insurance on my current cell phone because I am a very clumsy person, and might have once accidentally dropped a previous phone into a beverage. Long story short, that phone died a very sudden death (despite trying leaving it in a container of rice for a day). So, when I read several articles all talking about how technology should soon allow people to use their phone to test for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), I’m a little hesitant. I mean, pee? Continue Reading →

Sperm Killing Laptops

A new study recently published in the journal Fertility and Sterility studied lap top usage in men and scrotal temperature. It found that even using a laptop for 10-15 minutes raised the temperature of men’s scrotums to an unsafe range for sperm production. Laptop pads placed between the man’s goods and the computer didn’t seem to have much of an effect either. Continue Reading →