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Implications Of The Net Neutrality Ruling For Sex Education

If you haven’t heard much about what the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled on net neutrality recently, this New York Times blog provides a clear run-through of the ruling. Basically, the ruling states that internet service providers (like Verizon) are not required to handle all internet traffic equally. Internet content creators can pay the service providers to move their content through the channels more quickly, thus providing preferential treatment to those internet content providers who have more money. The implications of this for sex education – and for the internet world of sex in general – are disturbing. If certain sites are loading faster, that might dissuade internet users to go out of their way to find other sites. Continue Reading →

Call Of (Female) Duty

I won’t claim to be anywhere near an expert player of Call Of Duty (now Tetris is another story – I have yet to have a friend beat me at that). However, a few of my friends are huge fans of the game, and as such I’ve learned a little bit about it. I like that you can customize some of your weapons (I love the cherry blossom print guns), but did wonder why there are only minimal options for the soldiers themselves? One problem I had with the soldier options were that they were all male – but that’s soon going to change! When the latest version is released this month (Call of Duty Ghosts) players will have the option to choose the gender of their soldier. Continue Reading →

On OkCupid, Cheating Women Win

Not having as much luck as you’d like with online dating? I definitely had some issues when I went with online dating, especially OkCupid. Time’s Newsfeed reported that on OkCupid, women who are cheaters tend to get the most messages, and men who are cheaters rule amongst male users of the site. Mind you, this is a rather small sample group of 40 (fake) profiles so anyone who is intrigued by this study should take that into consideration. Image courtesy of Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The study was done by ,and Chris Matyszczyk reported the results on CNET. Eighty percent of the male cheaters’ inboxes messages weren’t necessarily someone looking for love. Continue Reading →

Fun Toys G-Vibe Review

I’ve reviewed a lot of sex toys. After a certain point, it seems like you’ve seen everything: there’s only so much you can do to make a dildo more than a dildo. So I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get to review a truly innovative sex toy. With that, I present the Fun Toys G-Vibe from My Secret Luxury. Though it looks like an oddly-hued duck bill, the unique double-flare shape of this toy makes for some serious creativity. Continue Reading →

Denmark’s Sperm Bike

Talk about genitals in the wild! I recently stumbled upon an article that added another bullet point to my long list of reasons to live in a Scandinavian country. The Nordisk Cryobank, a European sperm bank, decided to get creative in transporting donor samples. Naturally, they chose a bike- but this isn’t just any bike.  

The “sperm bike” is not only a green form of transportation, but it serves as a wonderful form of advertisement for the Cryobank. Continue Reading →

Communication Fails:


Last week, I stumbled upon, a website devoted to “interpreting” cryptic text messages from men. Here’s how it works: a user sends in a text message, includes their own comments giving necessary background information, and leaves the decision up to the internet. Anyone in the blogosphere can vote in one of three ways regarding the sender’s intentions: either he’s into you, he’s not into you, or the verdict is still out. Sound familiar? My first instinct was to hate it, to repost the link with some snarky comment about the novel idea of actually asking your partner what they meant.  My second instinct was to hate it more, wondering why these people couldn’t just ask their friends what they thought rather than airing all their dirty laundry on the internet. Continue Reading →

10 Sex Educators You Should Follow on Twitter


Twitter is a great place to hear about the work sex educators and researchers are doing all over the world. Often it will be the first place I see the latest sex-in-the-news story or it’ll be the inspiration for a new sex ed project. In light of how much I enjoy the sex ed community on Twitter, I decided to write a post (an expanded #followfriday, so to speak) highlighting some of the folks who’ve inspired me recently. This isn’t meant to be an absolute “best of,” but rather, a snapshot of people and organizations doing great work that I admire. 1. Continue Reading →

Technology To Help You Crash Weddings

I recently came across an article that focused on one of the latest smart phone app, Crash Corsage. This app allows users to locate weddings nearby, then provide the address and the dress code – so that if you crash the wedding you can dress to fit in. At my first wedding, I actually invited three of my own wedding crashers (one was a pedal cab driver who was a bit nervous about crashing the wedding, even though I insisted being the bride I was okay with it!). However, I invited those random strangers and I don’t think I would have been quite as happy if they just waltzed in on their own. If you are getting married (or know someone who is – and isn’t that almost everyone?) and want to keep your wedding off of Crash Corsage, just make sure that your wedding website is password protected. The app works by scanning wedding websites, so keeping it password protected will avoid letting your info show up on Crash Corsage (at least for now). Continue Reading →

Locate Sex Offenders With Facebook

While there are several web sites that can help with locating sex offenders, I was interested when I stumbled upon a Facebook application that locates sex offenders in New York state. I found the new app easy to use – you can search by last name, zip code, or county. The last name is helpful if you know who you’re looking for, but I found the zip code or county searches to be most helpful. A friend of mine used a similar site recently to see how many sex offenders are located near houses she is looking at purchasing. Said friend is a mother of young children, and is not thrilled about the fact that there are dozens of sex offenders located within a few blocks of her current house. Continue Reading →

Are Cell Phones More Important Than Sex?

Data from a non-scientific survey released on August 3 says that 33% of Americans would give up sex before they would give up their cell phone. My question is, are we giving up sex just on one day or sex in general (the survey is asking about giving up your phone for a week or sex for a week)? Also, is just intercourse or sexing of any sort (the survey didn’t say)? But back to the actual survey. As one might expect, the respondents with smart phones were more attached to their phones than those of us with boring phones (I’m in that category with an “unsmart” phone, I guess), and iPhone owners are most attached of all. Continue Reading →