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Michael Phelps’ penis makes news (and Facebook)

The image below (that I grabbed from this site) is one that is often used to illustrate Phelps’ body proportions. However, I wonder if he finds it awkward to have his penis on display like that, or if he’s used to it by now? Certainly most of us will never have a similar experience of having one’s genitals displayed publicly, even if just in outline form. Just curious. In fact, I was so curious about the extent to which anyone else was discussing the penis that is the elephant in the room, that I took my curiosity to Google. Continue Reading →

The superhuman body of Michael Phelps – fascinating

I love stuff like this. NBC has broken down the anatomy of Michael Phelps and how everything from his wingspan to his foot size to the proportions of his legs and torso give him a competitive edge in swimming. See the video here. According to them, a typical workout for Phelps burns about 4000 (!) – yes, FOUR THOUSAND – calories. Consider that next time you finish your 300 calorie workout on the treadmill! Continue Reading →

Naked Olympians make people curious about Powerade… and the gym?

I mean, come on. Since when have so many people scoured the internet for information about Powerade? 

Thanks to an ingenious advertising campaign in the UK, Powerade is getting notice if not for its sports drinks, then for the naked Olympians who are hawking them. Since most of us don’t see bodies like these in our mirrors, why not in ad campaigns? Or for those of us – like me – who live in the USA where we are apparently unusually skittish about naked human bodies, then at least we can view them on the internet. You can read more here (at the Daily Mail) and here (at Gawker, where Sheila is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers thanks to her attention to sexuality-related issues). Continue Reading →

Eli and his mom

I enjoyed reading this article about Eli Manning and his mom. I find it rare that men’s relationships with their moms are described outside the mama’s boy or "mom’s helper" genres, so it was good to see an article that wrote about a seemingly solid, supportive, healthy relationship between mother and son. You can read the full article here. Continue Reading →

Boys are people too

Flying home from San Francisco, I was reading USA Today and came upon some thoughts that I want to share with you. In a Money section article about which CEOs have or have not played golf with Tiger Woods, and at what price, writer Del Jones used much of the article’s space identifying these individuals and the charitable donations or luck of the draw that gained them entrance into the so-called Tiger Club. In an insightful  turn at the end,  Jones writes, “CEOs say that they are in awe of Woods, and not just because he is the best… in interviews, Woods has said that he wakes up every day knowing he can be a better husband, father and person, as well as a better golfer. That’s a mantra that strikes a chord with high achievers.” And then added a quote from Yum Brands CEO David Novak, “He has the discipline around what matters.”
Turning to the Sports section, and being a basketball fan, I found myself deliciously lost in an article about Allen Iverson’s transition to life with the Nuggets. Included in the article were quotes like “A lot of times I deserved all of the criticism because of my own actions – just being young and making dumb mistakes. Continue Reading →

Tatum Bell’s Naked Butt

In case you missed it, Tatum Bell ripped his pants big time during the Detroits/Chicago game this afternoon. The camera men kept zooming in for relative close-ups as his jock-strapped and dimpled butt earned instant fame, and his staying in the game meant that each additional tackle made the rip a little bigger. Amazing how we’re Continue Reading →