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MSP interviews Jason Ball, Activist and Gay Football Player

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Australians will often tell overseas visitors that Aussie Rules Football, or simply ‘footy,’ is like a religion. It’s rare to find an Aussie who doesn’t passionately support an AFL (Australian Football League) team and team rivalries are deeply entrenched in family and footy culture alike. As with most sports, the professional teams are all male and reflect and reinforce traditional male gender roles. When I read that an Aussie Rules Football player – Jason Ball – had come out publicly as gay (the first ever to do so), I was thrilled to see how it would affect change in this traditional institution. Not only has he come out, he’s also become a passionate spokesperson for eliminating homophobia in the AFL. Continue Reading →

Rock Climbing Is The Sexiest Sport (According To Women)

A fitness study reports that women ranked rock climbing as the sexiest sport, while the men who were asked didn’t even put it in their top five. The author writes, “To me, the sexiness of climbing is less about muscles and super-hard moves, and more about the passion and commitment that climbers have for their sport.” I agree that the dedication climbers show is sexy; however, since I’ve been rock climbing for a few years now, I have to note that the chiseled muscles (think rock-hard abs and defined shoulder and back muscles) are also a major plus when people-watching at the climbing gym. One of the other benefits to discussing rock climbing in a relationship or sexual context is that it is based on trust. If you are top-roping, it means you are relying on a belayer (person holding the rope as it’s fed through a locking device) at ground level to make sure you don’t fall. Continue Reading →

Sex, Baseball & Pizza: Metaphors Are Confusing

One of my favorite webcomics, Girls With Slingshots, recently had a very entertaining strip .  I think it highlights the importance of establishing common definitions when talking about sex. In many cases, colloquial terminology about sex is intentionally vague because people are uncomfortable talking about it. This can unfortunately cause a lot of misunderstandings and leave all members of the conversation confused about what actually happened. Continue Reading →

NBC apologizes for not mentioning that Olympic diver’s same-sex partner was in the stands

Although NBC regularly mentioned or pointed out the partners/husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends of Olympic athletes (and in one instance, described a love triangle among European swimmers), they failed to point out the same-sex partner of a gold medal winning diver Matthew Mitcham. Though at first NBC defended its choice, it seems that they have since issued an apology. Continue Reading →

Even MORE overnight interest in Michael Phelps’ penis

As I posted yesterday, a lot of people are curious about 23 year old Michael Phelps’ penis. Maybe it’s because of the media attention around how Speedo apparently seems to have airbrushed his penis out of promo photos. Or maybe it is because NBC has described – in much detail - Michael Phelps’ large shoe size (size 14!) and hand size (like paddles!) making people wonder whether the rest of his body is as large. It’s unclear how he feels about this kind of attention – on one hand it must be quite flattering, and he certainly takes opportunities to pose for various magazine covers, etc. On the other hand, I’d guess it must feel a bit awkward or demeaning. The guy is a stellar athlete, has shown enormous commitment and perserverance to train, and yet people want to know about his genitals. Hmmm…. Continue Reading →

People want to know about Michael Phelps’ penis

Yesterday I wrote about the issue of an outline of Michael Phelps’ penis showing through his Speedo suit and how it appears that his penis was airbrushed out of promo ads of him in his suit. Remember? Well, it turns out that we here at MSP are not the only ones interested in Phelps’ penis. Yesterday evening alone, people visited purely as a result of searching for various Phelps/penis related terms and then hitting upon MSP. Specifically, last night alone:
- 21 people found as a result of searching for "michael phelps penis"
- 9 got here thanks to a search for "michael phelps penis size"
- 8 for "naked olympians"
- 7 for "michael phelps sexuality"
- 7 by way of searching "phelps penis"
- 5 arrived at MSP after searching "michael phelps cock size"
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- 1 "michael phelps" and "penis size"
- 1 "michael phelps" and "oral sex" (I am NOT making this up!!!)
- 1 "michael phelps dick size"
- 1 "michael phelps dick size?" (gotta love the question mark they put at the end)
- 1 "michael phelps std" (seriously??? Continue Reading →

Not just Phelps; Alicia stirs interest too

Michael Phelps isn’t the only Olympian that Americans are lusting after. People are also interested in gymnast Alicia Sacramone according to this article - at least almost as much as for Phelps (who has also maxed out his Facebook friends) . You can find a gallery of images of Alicia on the NBC Olympics site, if you’re interested. Oh, and earlier I mentioned how many calories it was claimed that Phelps burns in a typical workout. Well, check out the calories he supposedly consumes as well as the enormous amount of food – it’s described here. Continue Reading →