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Making A Spectacle Of Women In Politics

I chose not to have a picture for this post – read on to find out why! Women in politics face many challenges, not least of which is how they negotiate their representations in the public eye. One of the particular problems I’ve noticed is that aspects of women’s identities, ranging from how they dress to how they comport themselves sexually, are frequently focused upon by the media in ways that are much more critical than the focus on men. Continue Reading →

A ‘Must-See’ Film: Fire

As we near the end of our current “Sex and Politics” theme week, I thought this would be a fabulous time to give you all a heads-up about an interesting film I just finished analyzing for a gender studies class. This 1996 film, Fire (directed and written by Deepha Mehta) takes place in contemporary Delhi, India and stirred up quite the controversy upon its release. About the Film

(As stated above) the film Fire is set in Delhi, India and brings you into the household of a joint family. The plot tells the story of how two neglected Indian wives (Sita and Radha) become lovers. As Sita deals with her husband’s infidelity and Radha battles with the frustrations of celibacy, the two women find solace in one another. Continue Reading →

Beyond Marriage

Same-sex marriage. You normally only hear 2 sides to this debate. Either you’re for it because you think everyone should have the right to marry the one they love or you’re against it for religious or bigoted reasons. It wasn’t until I was in college and took a queer history class with a famous gay historian that I learned of another reason people were against same-sex marriage. Everyone in the class had wrongly assumed this great activist gay man who was in the White Night Riots and protested with ACT UP was for same-sex marriage. Continue Reading →

Sexual Assault And Why The Personal Is Still Political

The feminist slogan “The personal is political” has referred to many “women’s issues” that were once swept under the table, thought unfit to be in the public eye because they were “just” something women had to deal with, ranging from contraception and birth control methods, to menstruation, to the pay gap between men and women that still (sigh) exists. Continue Reading →

The Australian Sex Party

When I first saw a billboard in Melbourne advertising “The Australian Sex Party,”  I assumed it was an ad for some sort of kinky costume ball, trying to capitalize on a sensationalist title. In fact, the Australian Sex Party is a political party with legitimate candidates and a surprisingly sensible platform. Their primary goals are to promote sexual rights and reverse Australia’s uncharacteristically conservative censorship laws. That said, they are not without a sense of humor: their slogan is “Where you come first.” LOL. Continue Reading →

Dan Savage Comments on Obama Making an It Gets Better Video

In the above video clip, sex columnist, author and slogger Dan Savage, who created the It Gets Better Project, comments on CNN about President Barack Obama’s It Gets Better video. The video – consistent with other IGBP videos – is aimed at helping gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth to understand that they have done nothing wrong and, if anyone is taunting them or bullying them at school, it is the bullies who are at fault. He also talks about the kinds of resources that are and are not often available to GBLT youth who need them. Also, a note to CNN: it’s not “Bloomingdale, Indiana” (like the store), it’s Bloomington, Indiana. [via The Stranger's Slog] Continue Reading →

President Barack Obama Says “It Gets Better”; The Country Waits

This morning, just past midnight, President Barack Obama added his voice to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project to support GLBT youth who may be experiencing bullying or who may be feeling alone. Now I’m waiting for the president to *make it better*. Perhaps he might want to start with a stop-loss (re: DADT) or some kind of action that will move us toward same-sex marriage rights in all 50 states. Just a thought. A few other things: Continue Reading →

Christine O’Donnell, Not Into Masturbation or Constitution


Christine O’Donnell, person who does not seem to like masturbation, also does not seem to pay much attention to the Constitution even though she is running for the Senate and claims to have expertise in the Constitution, apparently based on a one-week fellowship she engaged in. In the above clip from Anderson Cooper, she appears to not know much about the First, Fourteenth or Sixteen amendments – not a big deal for most of us, but kind of a huge detail for someone who wants to be a US Senator. Continue Reading →

Standing Up Against Hate: Chris Armstrong At The University of Michigan

The University of Michigan’s student counsel president Chris Armstrong has been a subject of national attention lately, due to the attacks on him by Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell for spreading his “radical homosexual agenda” on the University of Michigan’s campus.  You can see the interview with this “concerned Michigan alumnus” as linked by MSP here. I was really amazed by the students’ reaction to this on campus, and how it has morphed into a campaign promoting respect on campus. Continue Reading →