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I Have Sex!

A group of students at Wesleyan University recently filmed this awesome video to raise awareness on the potential funding cuts that would affect Planned Parenthood and many other small health clinics. This video has totally inspired me to film one on my own campus! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaxBR1AiFS4

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Where Do You Stand?

One of my fellow journalistas recently sent a link my way pertaining to the funding cuts that Planned Parenthood is currently facing, and after reading Michaela’s post I thought MSP would be an excellent place to share an additional link on the subject matter. Posted on the online version of Women’s Health, there is an article on their homepage that encourages women to take a stand and support Planned Parenthood. Not only does the article give you the rundown on the current debate, it directs readers to a link at the bottom of the article – where supporters can sign an open letter to Washington officials as well as make a donation to Planned Parenthood. Working out my frustrations… Continue Reading →

Barbara Bush Supports Same Sex Marriage (VIDEO)

Just as Cindy McCain and Laura Bush have voiced their support for same-sex marriage in the post-campaign era (well, Cindy McCain then changed her tune in relation to DADT), former President George W Bush’s daughter, Barbara, has now stepped out to lend her support for marriage equality in NYC. While I think that we should always be grateful when people come forward to support equal rights in any arena, is it so wrong to wish that more close family members (e.g., spouses, children, parents) of prominent politicians would come forward while their family members are in office or campaigning? It seems it would paint both parties in a more nuanced light and spark more a conversation about important human issues. Anyone else feel this way? Continue Reading →

“Too Gay To Give”: Are Blood Donation Restrictions Outdated?

As of late, there have been numerous blood drives taking place on IU’s campus – attempting to peak students’ interest in donating blood. The Red Cross buses have been parked outside of popular buildings on campus – with signs littered about campus and chalk on the sidewalks leading towards their location – in hopes of attracting new donors. Yet this emergence of visibility has not just peaked the students’ interest in donating blood, it has helped raise awareness surrounding the discriminatory restrictions that the FDA has placed on gay mens’ ability to donate. Continue Reading →

Palin Does Porn?

My friends were very excited to show this to me as soon as I made it back to campus. The Hustler video, sadly, does not star the real Sarah Palin, but porn-star Lisa Ann. But it is beyond hilarious. Almost hilarious enough for me to buy the full blown film….I have such a soft-spot for porn with terrible writing and plot lines. There’s something about hearing a Palin impersonator say, “You betcha! Continue Reading →

The TSA’s Impact On Bodies, Sexual And Otherwise

The recent change in TSA regulations, requiring passengers chosen at random to either undergo scanning in a dubiously safe backscatter machine, or getting invasively full-body searched, has stirred up many issues related to sexuality, bodies, and personal boundaries. The TSA has released statements about the new backscatter machine, which according to them does not provide a full-nude scan of the passenger as believed by many. Nor are the images saved, but rather deleted immediately by employees. Others have contested this claim, however, asserting that there is not enough oversight to ensure that the images are always deleted, or do not contain or portray personal identifying features. There are also health concerns, as the backscatter machines are thought to emit unhealthy levels of radiation–or levels that might be healthy for a normal person, but potentially dangerous for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Continue Reading →

A ‘Must-See’ Film: The Education Of Shelby Knox

Talk about a movie that will make your head spin… I recently watched the film, The Education Of Shelby Knox: Sex, Lies, and Education and if sexual education is something you fancy, I highly recommend that you check this out. The 2005 documentary (directed and produced by Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt) focuses on Shelby Knox – a teenage girl who joins a campaign for implementing comprehensive sex education in the high schools of her hometown (Lubbock, Texas). Continue Reading →