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MSP Valentine’s Gift Idea #14: Weekender Set

If you have never tried the Kama Sutra line of products, you may seriously be missing out. They are very high quality and available at many local and online sex boutiques such as Early to Bed. As you know, the Kama Sutra is about the art of love and lovemaking – not just "sex" the way we Westerners sometimes think of it. As such, Kama Sutra brand products tend to feature things like feathers, massage oils, and super tasty body powders that you can lick off of your partner’s body. Check it out here. Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine’s Gift Idea #4: Come Together

Come Together: the name says it all. Not that simultaneous orgasms are needed, mind you – rather than it feels good to pleasure each other, or to pleasure each of your own selves in the company of your beloved. This kit from Babeland includes a massage oil spray (genius!), the Laya spot vibrator on which women can lay down for a no-hands pleasuring experience (though you can hold it with one’s hands too, if preferred), a c-ring for guys, toy cleanser (gotta keep toys clean), condoms, batteries (for the sake of vibration) and little packs of lube. With these toys – and a little mood-setting and open, comfortable conversation – I can imagine quite a bit of romance going down. Continue Reading →

Ooh! Sex toy packages have arrived.

Two boxes have arrived from Babeland – one is Come Together and the other is Tastefully Yours, their extra sexy Valentine’s Day boxes of goodies (Babeland is famous for their amazing "kits" full of toys, lubricants, condoms and/or flavored paints and such). I’ll be posting more details about each kit soon – in the mean time, check out Babeland’s site for more goodies and start planning for Valentine’s Day. Continue Reading →

Holiday Gift Suggestion #3

This one is a particularly good stocking stuffer:

3. Seriously, folks – not only does Good Clean Love have a great name, but it is one of my new favorite lubricants in the universe. It feels very natural, is not too sticky and is the perfect improvement upon my former-favorite-but-now-no-longer-in-existence, Sensua Organics. Continue Reading →

Kama Sutra Flavored Body Dust: MSP Toy of the Week

Yummmmmmmmmmy! Yummy in your tummy, yummy on a penis, yummy on a vulva, yummy on breasts, yummy on fingers, this Kama Sutra flavored body dust actually tastes good (unlike a few other sex products). Or at least I think it tastes good. Sprinkle the dust on your own or your partner’s body and get ready to lick as part of your sex play. For safer sex, use a condom or dental dam for oral sex and sprinkle some honey dust on top of the condom or dental dam to make it tastier.  

Available at The Pleasure Chest – take a peek at a photo after the jump. Continue Reading →

Buddy Prostate Stimulator is MSP Toy of the Week

This week’s MSP Toy of the Week is Buddy, sold through Early to Bed’s Chicago store or web site. Men can use the Buddy for prostate stimulation (which some refer to as “p-spot stimulation”, the “p” referring to the sensitive prostate gland). Early to Bed notes that this particular toy is made of 100% silicone which makes it easier to keep clean than some other toy materials. You can read more about Buddy here and view a picture of it after the jump. Continue Reading →

Introducing the “Sex Toy Cemetery”

This is the Sex Toy Cemetery (STC): where sex toys go when they die. Sex toys, like the people who enjoy them, do not last forever. Depending on their quality, the frequency with which you use them, how you clean them, how you store them and the luck of the draw, they may last an hour, weeks, months or for years on end. The STC photo project is meant to pay homage to the toys that have served us well. Next time one of your sex toys breaks – whether it’s a vibrator, dildo, masturbation sleeve, beads, butt plug or such – take a picture and send it in before you dispose of or recycle your toy. Continue Reading →