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Sex Toy Review- L’Intimate Vibrator

Thanks to Garnet, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing yet another toy from This time, Garnet sent me L’Intimate, an adorably incognito vibrator! For around $30, you get not only a naughty toy that you can keep in plain sight without worrying about curious kids or roommates, but also functioning lint roller. Here are the specs:


Size: The L’Intimate is about 7″ from the base, and has 6″ of insertable length. Materials: Made of non-porous plastic, which makes it easy to clean, but not as natural-feeling as silicon. Continue Reading →

Dancing Is All About Choices – And So Is Sex

I recently had a revelation about sex that occurred to me in an unexpected context: at a belly dance workshop. Since relocating to Estonia, I’ve found belly dancers to hang out with and practice with, which has been really wonderful. It may be a small country, but belly dance is really popular here! Ironically, I found myself at a belly dance festival taking a workshop with an American dancer who I’d always admired but never had a chance to study with in America, so, go figure, I got to take classes with her here in Estonia. Mira Betz is a really amazing dancer–and, better yet–a really insightful teacher. Continue Reading →

Best Sex Resources for College Students

When people come into my dorm room and check out my bookshelf, they’re usually shocked by how many sex-related books I’ve got. They take up entire shelf, and I’m quite proud of that! But my friends often ask me which ones are the best. So, I thought I’d share my opinions with you all. Here are my top sex resources for college students (other than MSP, of course)! Continue Reading →

Erotica: Recommendations and Ruminations

In my quest to research and read more about all aspects of sexuality–and also find some good, entertaining erotica to read–I’m happy to have found a site called Adventurotica, which features not only erotic fiction but also essays about various sexual topics. While as a scholar I’ll read darn near anything out of curiosity or to analyze its social relevance, as a sex-positive feminist I am deeply concerned with how the fiction I read presents sexuality: is sex something that just happens to women, something that women actively pursue, or what? I’m pleased with how the authors at Adventurotica represent women’s desire (and men’s, too!) as fluid and something to be explored and enjoyed. Ranging from short stories to serialized novels, from vanilla sex to increasingly kinky scenes, the fiction is overall fun, and well-written too (thank goodness, since I can’t get into a story if it’s poorly written!). So while the fiction is neat, I also really dig the analytical essays, for instance, this one on the difference between erotica and porn (hint: it’s more subjective than you think!). Continue Reading →

The Joys Of Manual Pleasure

Sometimes “hand jobs” get a bad rap. “Intercourse’s [or a blow job's] poor cousin,” some people say. And as it applies to women, “fingering,” while an accurate descriptor for some vulva/vagina stimulation activities, evokes a rapid in-out motion of finger-in-vagina, which is insufficient for most women to to experience orgasm. The phrase often invoked to bring some legitimacy to the act, “mutual masturbation,” brings to mind more routine self-pleasure rather than the exchange of delicious, playful climaxes. Despite the negative press, the manual pleasuring of your partner’s sexy bits can be a delightful addition to your sexual repertoire. Continue Reading →

Being Sexually Submissive Or Sexually Anything Doesn’t Impact Your Competence

I love this piece by Clarisse Thorn investigating the links between some women’s sexual submission and the rest of their lives. To quote my favorite part:

“Sexual kinks don’t necessarily affect one’s performance in non-sexual fields. A sexually submissive woman won’t make a bad CEO (at least, not because she’s sexually submissive). I mean, come on, it’s not like there aren’t sexually submissive men in powerful corporate positions.” In short, your sexual preferences are just one part of your identity. Continue Reading →

Sex At Dawn: Book Review

Sex at Dawn (available on Amazon) is one of the most thought-provoking books I’ve read in a while… and I read a lot. I feel that it’d be difficult to do this book justice, as it covers an expansive range of topics related to human sexuality, so I’ll try to summarize its main points and touch on some of my favorite tidbits. Short version, though, is that this book is a magnificent rethinking of human sexuality in light of recent (and not-so-recent) research that suggests that humans are far more generous and able to have fulfilling sexual relationships than we’re lead to believe. The authors, Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá, promise in the beginning to reveal what is wrong with current conceptions of monogamy and why, to tell us “how seismic cultural shifts that began about ten thousand years ago rendered the true story of human sexuality so subversive and threatening that for centuries it has been silenced by religious authorities, pathologized by physicians, studiously ignored by scientists, and covered up by moralizing therapists.” Continue Reading →

Mattress Built For Lovers

Who knew that ordinary old mattresses just weren’t good enough any more, especially if you wanted to snuggle up with a special (or not so special) someone? Personally, I thought I had it good with a memory foam mattress topper and a queen size bed. However, thanks to my friend Callie and Dornob, I was able to have my eyes opened. I was blind,  but now I see… that there is a better mattress solution out there. Continue Reading →

Dear Santa, I’d Like Some Head

Well, not just any head. While I’m just a lowly graduate student and teacher, I still think I can make wishlists. Back in November, I made a post about an auction containing 110 year old condoms. My birthday came and went (look at my name and take a wild guess about when it is), and there were no vintage condoms wrapped in a bow for birthday or any holidays. I still had a great time, and I’m not really sure what I’d do with those condoms anyway. But then my friend S posted in her journal about the head of the patron saint of sexually transmitted infections (for the record, his name is Saint Vitalis of Assisi) going up for auction! Continue Reading →

Original Rabbit Pearl vs. The Pink Tongue

In the midst of the end-of-semester haze that fell upon my campus, it was a lovely surprise to receive not one, but two toys to review this week. The first is the Rabbit Pearl, sent to me by the lovely folks over at Good Vibrations. Yes, this is the same “Rabbit” that was made oh-so-famous by Sex and the City a few years back. The second is the Pink Tongue, sent to me by Since both are what you might call “rabbit” toys, I’ve decided to compare and contrast the two toys in one post! Continue Reading →