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MSP Valentine’s Gift Idea #14: Weekender Set

If you have never tried the Kama Sutra line of products, you may seriously be missing out. They are very high quality and available at many local and online sex boutiques such as Early to Bed. As you know, the Kama Sutra is about the art of love and lovemaking – not just "sex" the way we Westerners sometimes think of it. As such, Kama Sutra brand products tend to feature things like feathers, massage oils, and super tasty body powders that you can lick off of your partner’s body. Check it out here. Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine’s Gift Idea #12: Games!

Connecting on Valentine’s Day – especially if you have felt out of sync with your partner for a while – can feel good. But it’s not always easy to re-connect if you’ve felt somehow separate or disconnected from your partner or haven’t had sex in a while. Try getting in the mood with a sex game like the very cool and not-at-all pressuring sex questions game from It turns out that they also sell the sex smarts game, which is one of my favorite tools to take to campus and community events. Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine Gift Idea #11: Go Green!

Who said Valentines are red? This year, go green! Look, not everyone has a partner on Valentine’s day. We have all been there. Sure, you can sit at home and sulk or go out to a bar and drink away your sorrows or go out with your friends and rejoice that you were brave enough to get out of a bad relationship or you can just hang out at home and watch Lost (great idea!!). Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine’s Gift Idea #10: Jes MaHarry jewelry

I REALLY like Jes MaHarry jewelry. I don’t own any (some of it is a little pricey) but one day I hope to. The necklace above is called "Faithful" – what better Valentine gift to get than a proclamation of your (sincere and 100% genuine) faithfulness? With or without a necklace attached, if you have a partner, make sure that on Valentine’s Day and all the other days of the year, he or she knows – and FEELS – how much you care and are committed to the relationship. Necklaces are icing on the cake, but the real meaning is in the day to day. Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine’s Gift Idea #9: Garmin nuvi

Guys may not like to ask for directions, but they do like their Garmin. And thus, so do women. For guys – and girls – who like gadgets, the Garmin nuvi (pick a model!) is a great gift. I don’t have one of my own but I have been amazed at their uses when around others who have them – finding directions, local drug stores, restaurants, and such. Check them out here. Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine’s Gift Idea #8: Stila Cosmetics

If your Valentine (girlfriend, wife, daughter) is the type who likes to play with make-up, consider Styla cosmetics. I recently received some lip glazes and eye shadows as a gift and really, really liked them. I felt like I was 6 years old again, getting into my mom’s make-up. The colors were pretty and in the case of the eye shadows, the compact was super fancy. If you’re not sure what to get, start out by looking at the bestsellers. Continue Reading →

Ooh! A Brian Andreas update (and, okay, MSP Gift Idea #7)

No sooner do I suggest a Brian Andreas print as a MSP Valentine’s gift idea when not only does his company, Story People, make their own suggestions for V-Day prints but they offer $5 off of every print through Feb 14 too! Check out this great deal here. Side by Side is a nice print and I have always loved No Words. Continue Reading →