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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #1: A Story People Print

An artist whose work I adore (Brian Andrea of StoryPeople) is offering 15% off from now through February 14. Apparently the 15% off is good for all of his prints so see if you can find a romantic one for your honey or one for your mom or dad or niece or nephew or best friend that shows how you care or is heartwarming or such. Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine Thoughtful Gift Idea #3: Unique Experience Gifts

When shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift – or any other gift – it’s important to consider whether the giftee would like an actual object for a gift or whether they would better appreciate an experience. Here are some ideas to consider:

- Swimming with the dolphins (or a sea lion!) – Of course, this requires that you live close to, or can travel to, a place such as Key Largo, Florida or the Bahamas where this is a possibility. Some aquariums and zoos that have dolphins offer this experience, too. – Dance lessons – either private lessons (let’s say your girlfriend, wife, sister or best friend is nostalgic for the ballet lessons of her youth, and there are adult classes nearby) or couple classes (such as for ballroom, salsa, or swing dance). If you do this together, it’s a great night out and often quite affordable. Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #2: A Facebook Profile

Just because this blog is called doesn’t mean that it is only about sex – it’s also about love and relationships, including those with your own parents and family. If, like me, you’ve found that you largely share information about and pictures from your life on Facebook, then perhaps it’s time you set up a Facebook profile for your mom, dad, grandparent or favorite aunt/uncle with whom you wished you kept closer ties with. With their permission, offer to set up a Facebook profile – even if it’s an ultra-private one with no profile picture or personal information shown to anyone (some people, especially those with less experience with the Internet, may feel particularly hesitant about social networking sites). Benefits of this gift are that:

- It’s free! – It’s easy to set up. Continue Reading →

MSP Holiday Gift Idea #5: A Sensual Bath Together (maybe thanks to a 25% off sale at Origins?)

Recently I attended a screening of The Reader (thanks, S.; everyone else: go see it!) and, perhaps because of its very sensual bathing scenes, I was inspired to suggest a sensual bath as an MSP Holiday Gift Idea. And why not? If you have what you need at home to make it special (e.g., private time together, warm water, bath salts or bubble bath), then it’s a go. Bonus if you have candles, wine or another beverage of your choice. There are many possible joys in taking baths together: the creation of a special, private place together, of solitude; the way that it feels to touch another person’s body through the lens of a smooth bath soap or lotion; warm water that soothes each other’s muscles and/or candle light that sets a mood of warmth and relaxation (sex therapists/researchers are well aware, as I’m sure you are too, of the important role that relaxation plays in enhancing arousal, desire and ease of orgasm); a chance to talk and re-connect in ways that sitting in front of the television together may not offer. Continue Reading →

MSP Holiday Gift Idea #4: A Storypeople Print!

Though I’ve suggested Storypeople prints and art objects in the past, I’ll do so again because I’ve heard from plenty of readers how they appreciated the suggestion and ended up discovering artist and storyteller Brian Andreas’ beautiful words and art, and ultimately purchased a print or other piece. So here we go again. This time, I’ll feature a print that I have come to really enjoy. It’s called Partners and the story goes like this: tied together by stuff too difficult to explain to someone new. That’s always a tough part about ending a relationship, isn’t it? Continue Reading →

What should men get their wives or girlfriends for gifts?

Completely sexist. But a bit funny. See what happens to men who give their wives/girlfriends (supposedly) “bad” gifts. Watch the video here. When I was in middle school, one of our carpool moms said that men should never give their wives “practical” gifts such as vaccuum cleaners, mops, or microwave ovens – especially for anniversary gifts. Continue Reading →

MSP Holiday Gift Idea #3: Sticks Boxes and Furniture

Sugar plums may not dance in my head, but Sticks accessories and furniture do. One day I may treat myself to one of these pieces but until then I’ll just dream… I would LOVE to own a Sticks keepsake box or a thing for over the door (I like the one that says "Go out for Adventure, Come home for Love"). The dresser drawers and chests are amazing, too, as are the night stands and clocks and oh…. I could go on. Continue Reading →

MSP Holiday Gift Idea #2: It’s All Well and Good by Beth Moses

To add to previously mentioned gift ideas, let me suggest the book "It’s All Well and Good" by Beth Moses, a woman who I have heard speak publicly several times (she’s great!) and upon whom I’ve turned to many times for the gift of holistic massage therapy and talking things out. I’ve also been turning to the wisdom of her book for, oh, about 5 or 6 years. Though it is booked with information about massage, self-care, stretching, meditation, relationships, and finding balance, her words have helped me (and quite a few friends) through difficult times related to love, sex, school, work, and family. It’s one of those books that you can pick up and just read a page or two, and be good to go for a while. Her book has also had an important influence on the ways in which I try to blend love and sex with issues of ethics and integrity. Continue Reading →