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A Mini Review: The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex

Each member of my school’s sexual health education group was given a summer reading assignment. Mine was a lengthy one: The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, by Cathy Winks and Anne Semans. Though I haven’t read the book in its entirety (come on guys, it’s long, and the book itself is HUGE), I have read enough sections to truly sing its praises. I was particularly impressed with this edition’s 20 page chapter on masturbation. While most sex manuals give a nod to masturbation, Semans and Winks literally devote an entire chapter to it. Continue Reading →

Moregasm Anyone?

I’m not sure how this escaped my attention, but I’ve just learned that Babeland has come out with another book. This one is called Moregasm (*love* the title!) – though I haven’t read it yet so I cannot say a yay or nay either way except that Babeland rarely fails to impress. You may remember that Babeland was among the first to bring the We-Vibe to the US and for ages they were one of the few places I could get my Sensua Organics water-based lubricant (that company is now gone, but you can find Good Clean Love in its place). I’ll write more about Moregasm after it arrives and I’ve had a chance to peruse its lovely pages. Have a great weekend. Continue Reading →

Want A FREE We-Vibe Vibrator? ;-)

My Love Affair With the We-Vibe
As many of you know, the We-Vibe is among my favorite vibrators. Unlike most vibrators, it was built specifically for couples play. Well, not just play but intercourse. This beautiful rechargeable silicone toy fits inside a woman’s vagina during sexual intercourse. It’s flexible and bendy so it fits different body types. Continue Reading →

Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Sex writer, blogger and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has done it again – she has assembled an extraordinarily smart and sexy group of stories and this time it’s about hotel sex. Yes, that’s right: hotel sex. Some people adore hotel sex as it may be the only place where they feel as though they can be whoever they want to be or scream and moan as loud as they want to without worrying about their roommates, neighbors, parents or children hearing them. Hotel sex can be special for other reasons, too. Hotels may have more luxury than a person or a couple is used to at home. One may find a huge jacuzzi tub at a hotel that’s big enough for two or sheets or a king sized bed that is absolutely heavenly. Continue Reading →

MSP Sex Q&A: Sex after childbirth

Question: I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy and I’ve got to say – I’ve read so many different things on the internet about how sex changes after having a baby. I don’t know what to believe anymore! What’s really happens to a woman’s sex life after childbirth? Answer: There’s no doubt that having a baby affects a couple’s sexual life – but having a baby (e.g., dealing with fatigue, stress, sleepless nights, and seeing oneself as a parent rather than a sexual being) is different than actually giving birth (not that I need to tell you that!) and so the sex issues are different too. It seems that your main curiosity relates to the extent that pregnancy and childbirth might impact a woman’s body rather than the effects of living with a baby, so let’s turn to the former. Continue Reading →

MSP Book Review: The Many Joys of Sex Toys by Anne Semans

Regular readers of MSP and the sex columns I write for Kinsey Confidential, Time Out Chicago, Men’s Health, Velocity and Cheeky Chicago may recall how much I like – or at least how often I’ve recommended – The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex. I even wrote a review of it for MSP more than a year ago. I’ve recommended it for years and for a variety of issues including learning to communicate about sex, to explore/diversity one’s sex life, and to learn about sex toys, too. Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that I would also be a fan of The Many Joys of Sex Toys, a book written by one of the Good Vibe’s co-authors, Anne Semans. As the book was published in 2004, it doesn’t include all of the latest, greatest toys – but that’s what the internet is for: to complement hardcover reading with information about even more toy options. Continue Reading →

MSP Book Review: Your Big Fat Boyfriend by Jenna Bergen

Not long ago I was asked by journalist Jenna Bergen to chime in on a sex-related magazine article she was writing. In our email exchange, I noticed that her email signature line indicated that she was the author of “Your Big Fat Boyfriend: How to Stay Thin When Dating a Diet Disaster” – a title that sent me to her web site to learn more. Given the countless conversations that friends and I have had on this very topic (namely, maintaining a healthy balance of eating/exercise when dating someone with radically different eating/exercise behaviors), to say that I was curious to read Jenna’s book would be an understatement. It’s important to note upfront that gaining weight is not necessarily a bad thing – some women (and men) long to gain weight. Others may not plan on gaining weight but are happy in their bodies regardless of their pants size. Continue Reading →

MSP Holiday Gift Idea #2: It’s All Well and Good by Beth Moses

To add to previously mentioned gift ideas, let me suggest the book "It’s All Well and Good" by Beth Moses, a woman who I have heard speak publicly several times (she’s great!) and upon whom I’ve turned to many times for the gift of holistic massage therapy and talking things out. I’ve also been turning to the wisdom of her book for, oh, about 5 or 6 years. Though it is booked with information about massage, self-care, stretching, meditation, relationships, and finding balance, her words have helped me (and quite a few friends) through difficult times related to love, sex, school, work, and family. It’s one of those books that you can pick up and just read a page or two, and be good to go for a while. Her book has also had an important influence on the ways in which I try to blend love and sex with issues of ethics and integrity. Continue Reading →

Pure Romance’s Patty Brisben at IU!

There is very little that can keep me away from a public event hosted by Pure Romance’s founder, Patty Brisben. However, last week when she came to Indiana University for a Sexploration event, I was in Mexico for a wedding so I missed what I hear was an outstanding event at Kilroy’s (a bar near the IU Bloomington campus). Patty is one of those women who is brave, confident, smart, engaging and completely down to earth. She’s spoken in my human sexuality class in previous years, as have her health educators, and my students have always said that they have left class feeling more knowledgeable and more comfortable about their bodies and sexuality. She also recently published a book called Pure Romance Between the Sheets: Find Your Best Sexual Self and Enhance Your Intimate Relationship that you can learn about on Amazon. Continue Reading →

How many people have had anal sex?

About 20 to 25%, in case you were wondering. More men than women have had anal sex, and that’s not just because some of those men have had sex with other men. More men seem to have had heterosexual anal sex than the number of women who have had anal sex. One challenge is that, in spite of the fact that anal sex is a riskier activity in terms of the potential for cuts, tears and infection, women and men use condoms less often for anal sex than they do for vaginal sex. If you’re interested in learning how to have safer, pleasurable, enjoyable, comfortable anal sex, check out the book Anal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women by Jack Morin, PhD. Continue Reading →