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A Duke Grad’s Little Black Book Goes Public

In what probably started off as a well-planned inside joke, a recent graduate of Duke University emailed a Powerpoint (NSFW) entitled “An Education Beyond The Classroom: Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics”. As these things go, her virtual “sex-list” went from being a joke between friends to a viral, public, internet phenomenon. Continue Reading →

According To Time Magazine, Indiana Is Pretty Satisfied

That’s right, all you local MSP readers! According to an article on (that actually reports on a Men’s Health ranking of cities), Indianapolis is the most sexually satisfied city in the US. In order to give this great state the title, the authors took into consideration condom sale rates, as well as birth rates and sex toy sales. The top ten sexually satisfied cities are as follows: Continue Reading →

Boston Featuring “The Vibrator Play”

I’ve now had two friends (okay, you caught me, one of them was my mom) give me a heads up about this production, so that means it must be MSP-worthy. In The Next Room, also known as the Vibrator Play, by Sarah Ruhl, will be showing at the Boston Center for the Arts on Tremont Street in Boston until October 16th. The show, set in the early 1880s, focuses on a doctor who uses vibrators to treat female “hysteria” and the impact that it has on his wife and family. After just reading Havelock Ellis’s studies on sexual inversion and perversion, the theme of this play comes at a perfect time for me. I may even need to make a trip to Boston with some friends to see it. Continue Reading →

Want Better Sex? Get Your Butt To The Gym!

It’s so wonderful to have such sex-positive friends and family members who constantly flood my Facebook

wall and email inbox with creative, MSP-worthy articles. Recently, a friend passed along this article on exercises for better sex. Although this is a pretty common topic in popular magazines, the article took a different spin than what I’m used to seeing. Usually articles like this mention exercises to strengthen your PC muscles, such as kegels. Or else they report on unusually fit individuals, such as a recent study that found enhanced clitoral blood flow among female athletes. Continue Reading →

Tingler Rings in the Ladies Room: How Enterprising

While stopping for a cup of coffee on a recent road trip, I came upon this fantastic sight. Not only does this (ladies’!) restroom vending machine sell condoms, but they also sell “glow-in-the-dark tingler” cock rings. This is fantastic to me, not only because cock rings are used to enhance pleasure and prolong sex, but also because I wouldn’t expect these goals to concern gas-station condom vending machine entrepreneurs. But my favorite part, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit, was the bad Star Trek pun. [On a related note, last year Debby found and wrote about similar comparisons between vending machines in Edinburgh, Scotland that sold vibrating rings and vending machines in the US that sold menstrual pads and breath mints.]

Image by Kate McCombs

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Why Dominance Is Hot: The Men Speak Out!

As all you avid MSP readers and followers know, I recently wrote about dominance in sexual encounters. I got lots of great feedback, but realized that most of the contributors were female. So, I headed back to square one of research, but this time asked for a male perspective. It took the guys a little bit longer to come out of the woodwork and actually talk to me, but once I got them talking, I was amazed with the quality and complexity of their responses. The guys pretty much covered the same bases as the girls, with a few outliers. Continue Reading →

Ways To Enhance Sex Play For Cheap

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Products made specifically for sex are sold at much higher profit margins than similar items sold for non-sexy purposes. It seems that the sex industry has decided that we’re willing to pay top dollar for products that are supposed to fill our sex lives with passion and lust. And while I’m willing to pay more money for high quality dildos and vibrators, other items can be obtained elsewhere for a fraction of the price. Say you want to nibble something tasty off of your sweetheart. Continue Reading →

Sex (-ual Health and Well-Being) On A Plane: Making The Most Out Of Long Flights

One of the double-edged realities of living in Australia is how long it takes to fly anywhere. One the one hand, we’re pleasantly tucked away in what feels like a little hidden corner of the world. One the other, long flights are tedious and expensive. You will frequently hear Aussies complain about this in a good-natured way, but also reminiscent of the “in my day, I had to walk three miles, uphill, in the snow” sort of way. The question is always how to stay occupied on that 14+hour flight, after the Sudoku in the in-flight magazine is finished and you’re done laughing at all the hilarious (read: useless) stuff in the Sky Mall catalogue. Continue Reading →