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Should Every Gay Guy Bottom? This Guy Thinks So.

Okay, so, I admit it. As finals are steadily approaching, I’ve been spending more and more time Stumbling and less time actually doing my work. It’s kind of a college student’s rite of passage…right? Anyway, I recently came across this video by Davey Wavey. According to his theory, every gay guy should bottom at some point. Continue Reading →

Sex Toy Review: MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket

Here we are in the middle of March and I still find myself wondering about how people spend romantic occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. Do you spend them with your partner or prefer flying solo? Do you go out to a fancy dinner or keep it low key and cook at home? Do you surprise a loved one with jewelry or maybe you’re more traditional and stick to the flower/chocolate combo? Well this year – whatever the occasion – I challenge you to spice things up – why not try a sex toy? Continue Reading →

I Wanna Do Queer Porn…So What?

So, I’m just gonna put it out there, I really want to do queer feminist porn. I’d love to participate in a project similar to the Crash Pad Series or Freedom Porn (which I blogged about earlier on). I want to be able to present my body and sexuality to viewers in a sex- and body-positive way that screams, “it’s good to love sex”! But there’s a problem. I am a white, Jewish, middle class woman being educated at a prestigious women’s college from a fairly wealthy suburb of Boston. Continue Reading →

Is Mary Jane Making You Impotent?

Though smoking weed is most commonly associated with a boost in libido, this article discusses recent research conducted at the University of Ottawa and Queen’s University in Canada that suggests a link between marijuana usage and male impotence (a falling-out-of-fashion term for erectile dysfunction). Past research on the effects of marijuana on sexual performance has been fairly contradictory. Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Funding Cuts Could Affect Your Sex Life

So we’ve all heard about the recent vote in the House of Representatives to cut Title X funding, which would result in a lack of federal funds for Planned Parenthood. Obviously, there is a long list of reasons why this is a terrible idea. But rather than go on a feminist political rant, I’m simply going to link you guys to this article from The Stir that brings up some of the unspoken reasons. The obvious losses in a funding cut include a lack of women’s health care, access to birth control, exams, and pregnancy terminations, and a general slap in the face to women’s rights activists around the county, but I bet you didn’t think about how it might affect your sex life. Check out the article for the details! Continue Reading →

Need Some Help Getting In The Right Frame Of Mind For Sex?

Don’t worry! Pamela Madsen’s mind/body meditation can apparently help you get in the mood. Shameless: Self, Love, and Sexuality is a series of four guided meditations that claim to help women get over their fears of lovemaking by “curing” body insecurities, shame and fear, and teaching relaxation techniques. While this does sound a little far-fetched to me, I’m a huge believer in the mind-body connection. There’s no doubt that unenjoyable or painful sex is often connected to a psychological block (of course, that’s not the only explanation, as painful sex could be a sign of something more serious), and it’s often hard to get past those blocks. Continue Reading →

Read The Label First- Sex Toy Allergies and Sensitivities

So, you and your partner have just gotten back from a weekend excursion to your awesome local, women run sex shop and are all excited to test out the new vegan, organic, comes-in-a-bottle-made-of-recycled-hemp-or-something lube you just bought. You run to the bedroom, lube in hand, open up the bottle, and you’re good to go…right? WRONG! Continue Reading →

OhMiBod Better Than Chocolate Review

Thanks to the lovely folks over at Babeland, I recently received my very own OhMiBod Better Than Chocolate vibrator. OhMiBod and Nomi Tang teamed up to make this vibe one of the best and most creative out there. As those of you that have read my other reviews know, my mind works in lists. So, here are my pro and con lists. Continue Reading →

Ophoria Beyond One G-Spot Vibrator

Once again, thanks to MSP blogger Garnet Joyce, and the fabulous people over at, I recently received my very own Beyond One G-Spot Vibrator by Ophoria. Overall, this toy wasn’t my personal favorite, but I figured I’d give all of you a list of pros and cons anyway so you can decide whether or not you want to try it for yourself. Why I liked it: Continue Reading →