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Ways To Enhance Sex Play For Cheap

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Products made specifically for sex are sold at much higher profit margins than similar items sold for non-sexy purposes. It seems that the sex industry has decided that we’re willing to pay top dollar for products that are supposed to fill our sex lives with passion and lust. And while I’m willing to pay more money for high quality dildos and vibrators, other items can be obtained elsewhere for a fraction of the price. Say you want to nibble something tasty off of your sweetheart. Continue Reading →

Want More Desire? Forget Pills. Do This Instead.

Although some people would like enhanced sexual desire to be as easy as popping a pill, it’s simply not the case. However, you may be able to enhance your own desire by taking these steps into account, as outlined in a recent blog post about desire that I wrote for Indiana University’s Active for Life blog. Read it on Indiana University’s web site. Continue Reading →

Celebrity Sexpert: What We Can Learn About Sex From Neil Diamond

Sometimes young people don’t think they can learn a lot about sex from older people – which is a shame, especially when that older person is Neil Diamond, one of my favorite song writers and performers of all time. Any time, that is – even times and places that have, sadly, not been graced with his sequined jackets. Having been to several Neil shows from Vegas to DC, I’ve picked up on a few sex lessons we can learn from Neil Diamond. In no particular order, sex lessons from this week’s Celebrity Sexpert are: Continue Reading →

Celebrity Sexpert: What We Can Learn About Sex from Snoop Dogg

Recently I had the long-awaited joy of seeing Snoop Dogg in concert. It was there, actually, that I got the inspiration for this Celebrity Sexpert series in the first place, right when he was singing “Sensual Seduction,” the song that perhaps best spells out what we can learn about sex from Snoop: Continue Reading →

Last Week’s ICAH Event

Last week I had the honor and pleasure of presenting an award from the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health to sex columnist, author, podcaster and activist Dan Savage. Chicago’s Windy City Times ran a photo and article about the event. The photo they chose captures a fun moment. After I gave Dan his much-deserved award, he presented me with an award that had belonged to Ann Landers (some years ago he purchased some of her belongings at auction including her desk and typewriters, as well as some of her awards). It was a complete surprise and very sweet and generous of him. Continue Reading →

Celebrity Sexpert: What We Can Learn About Sex from Britney Spears

From Hit Me Baby One More Time to her love affair gone wrong with Justin to her marriage to and divorce from K-Fed, Britney ranks among the top Celebrity Sexperts of contemporary times. Here’s what I think we can learn from her:

-       Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. And if you cheat? Well, let’s just say it’s probably not a wise move to cheat on someone who can make your life miserable after that, such as by writing a song about your lies and then hiring a look-a-like actress to play you in the video version of your lies. Continue Reading →

Celebrity Sexpert: What We Can Learn About Sex From Tiger Woods

In this four-part series, we’ll be exploring what we can learn about sex from various celebrities – whether they ever intended to be sex ed teachers or not. This week’s celebrity sexpert? Tiger Woods. Clearly, Tiger and his family have been through quite an ordeal. What can we learn from the fiasco that was his sex life uncovered? Continue Reading →

Can One Become Too Desensitized To Sex?

Recently, a young woman wrote into us at Kinsey Confidential with a question about sex. She didn’t find sex to be particularly pleasurable, alone or with a partner, and mainly used it as a stress reliever. She wondered if this had to do with her early experiences with masturbation and watching her brother’s porn, and asked if these experiences could have desensitized to her sex and sexual pleasure. Listen to, or read, my response on the Kinsey Confidential web site. Debby Herbenick, PhD is a sex researcher and educator, a widely read sex columnist and author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction. Continue Reading →

Ever Fantasize About Bukkake? This Man’s Wife Does.

Some time ago, a man wrote into us at Kinsey Confidential with a question about one of his wife’s sexual fantasies. Specifically, she had fantasized about having four or more men ejaculate on her face (a practiced sometimes called “bukkake”). He was willing to entertain the idea but also had questions about her safety. Curious about my response? Listen to, or read the text of, my reply in this episode of our Kinsey Confidential podcast. Continue Reading →