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Attention ladies, start your engines–your computer engines that is. Thursday is MyPleasure’s second annual ’Sex Toy Day’ and this year the wonderful folks at are giving away 30 Royal Butterfly Dual Action vibrators! Therefore, make sure you’re by your computer that morning so you can visit their website to get the link for your chance to win! Also, just a heads up from those in charge of the event: if traffic crashes the site make sure you’re following (them) on Twitter and Facebook so you can still get the link. And yes, last year the site really did crash. Continue Reading →

When To Go Green Between The Sheets

To my own chagrin, I was pretty sure that the whole “go green” movement was just going to be another fad. However, I’m pleased to see that the drive to help mother earth has stuck around. I’ve read plenty of posts here and there on how best to go green between the sheets, but a lot of them were lacking some pretty serious information- when NOT to go green. I figured I’d compile all of the tips I have in one place so that all you MSP readers can know when to be eco-friendly, and when it’s better to stick to the traditional. Here are the dos and don’ts of Eco-Sex. Continue Reading →

Ladies, Embrace Your Vibrator

The other day I was walking down the isles at Walgreen’s, picking up the usual – hair products, lotion, vitamins, etc. – and what do I stumble upon in the store?! Vibrators. That’s right, you heard me correctly – vibrators. Tucked in right between a neck massager and some neat device that is used to heat up oils in order to make your room smell nice. Continue Reading →

Original Rabbit Pearl vs. The Pink Tongue

In the midst of the end-of-semester haze that fell upon my campus, it was a lovely surprise to receive not one, but two toys to review this week. The first is the Rabbit Pearl, sent to me by the lovely folks over at Good Vibrations. Yes, this is the same “Rabbit” that was made oh-so-famous by Sex and the City a few years back. The second is the Pink Tongue, sent to me by Since both are what you might call “rabbit” toys, I’ve decided to compare and contrast the two toys in one post! Continue Reading →

Interview With Metis Black, Tantus Founder

I know my body very well. I’ve been able to diagnose almost all of my illnesses, known what levels of hormones I needed in my birth control before I ever took it, what things are incompatible with my body, and what things make it feel amazing. But there is one sex toy company that seems to know my body better than I know it. Every time I try a new Tantus toy I tend to think it looks interesting, but assume it won’t do much for me. And every time I manage to be dead wrong. Continue Reading →

Sex Toy Review: MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket

Here we are in the middle of March and I still find myself wondering about how people spend romantic occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. Do you spend them with your partner or prefer flying solo? Do you go out to a fancy dinner or keep it low key and cook at home? Do you surprise a loved one with jewelry or maybe you’re more traditional and stick to the flower/chocolate combo? Well this year – whatever the occasion – I challenge you to spice things up – why not try a sex toy? Continue Reading →

Vampire Sex Toys

I know it’s still a while before the next Twilight movie comes out (November 18th, 2011, <as if you didn’t know>), but it seems like vampires have become a ingrained part of our cultural zeitgeist.  The logical next step, of course, is to bring them into our bedrooms.

One needs to be careful here, or injuries could happen (see this post from Michaela for a cautionary tale).  However, one of the safer ways to bring the bite into the bedroom is through toys.  Here are two sex toys that, depending on your proclivities, you want to either purchase before the next full moon or avoid like a rabid werewolf. Continue Reading →

A Peek Inside the ANME Tradeshow: New Sex Toy Heaven

Recently, the company I work for, MyPleasure, added Buyer to my list of duties. This means that I get to do a lot of product research and decide what we should and shouldn’t pick up for the site. It’s a job I’ve wanted for a long time now and it definitely comes with perks. For example,  a couple weeks ago I got to go to my first adult toy trade show, ANME. For someone who is extremely nerdy about sex toys this was total heaven for me. Continue Reading →

Customized Luxury Sex Toys

A new business, Made to Pleasure, offers a variety of sex toys, some ready for purchase and some–more intriguingly–customizable. An interview with the one of the creators of the business describes how the design-your-own-sex-toy boutique works, and how and why the creators constructed their website to meet the varied needs of their customers. I’d love to see how a customized toy turns out! Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Read The Label First- Sex Toy Allergies and Sensitivities

So, you and your partner have just gotten back from a weekend excursion to your awesome local, women run sex shop and are all excited to test out the new vegan, organic, comes-in-a-bottle-made-of-recycled-hemp-or-something lube you just bought. You run to the bedroom, lube in hand, open up the bottle, and you’re good to go…right? WRONG! Continue Reading →