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Sex Toy Review: We-Vibe 3

We-Vibe 3

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Good Vibrations, I bring to you a brand new toy review! The We-Vibe 3 Couple’s Vibrator is the third in a fantastic series of partner toys. This tiny silicone vibrator offers dual stimulation in two ways (internal/external, you/partner), and packs quite a punch! With this third model, they’ve amped up the power of the vibrations and extended the battery life. What I love:

It’s just so cute! Continue Reading →

Pop Your Top Deluxe Kit Review

Good Vibrations has done it again! Once again, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Pop Your Top Deluxe Kit, a creative combination of toys handpicked by the experts at GV. The kit is a combination of three items, the Hitachi Magic Wand, a Pop Tops Deluxe Silicone G-Spotter, and Please Cream lube, each of which I will review separately. Put them all together, and you’ve got one saucy kit! Hitachi Magic Wand

Talk about power! Continue Reading →

All About Strap-ons: An Interview with Louise Bourchier

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic presentation by Louise Bourchier on strap-ons, which was hosted by Pleasure Forum Australia. I had no idea there was so much to know about the subject. Louise gave such an informative and entertaining presentation, I couldn’t wait to interview her about her expertise. Kate: Tell me, how did you come to know so much about strap-ons? Louise: Well, I guess I got interested in strap-ons a few years ago when I was expanding my sexual horizons. Continue Reading →

Zombie Dildos and Vampire Vulvae

Fleshlight, one of the more well-known makers of male masturbation sleeves, has developed a line of fantasy-themed sex toys. Whether you’re into zombies (see image below), Frankenstein monsters, or vampires, Fleshlight’s ‘Freaks’ line has something for you. Each fantasy theme has a coordinating dildo and vulva-styled masturbation sleeve. Some of the highlights include bat wing-shaped labia for the vampire-themed sleeve, bright blue Avatar-esque alien genitals, and baseball-like stitching for the Frankenstein edition. Being the Trekkie that I am, I was particularly amused by the ‘Cyborg’ duo, as it reminded me of the scene in Star Trek: First Contact where the Borg Queen tries to seduce fellow-artificial-life-form Data. Continue Reading →

Toy Review: Smartballs Teneo Silicone Kegel Balls

Thanks again to our affiliates at Good Vibrations, I recently received my very own Silicone Kegel Balls by Teneo. Though these are the first Kegel balls I’ve reviewed, I was really impressed! I wasn’t surprised to hear that the Smartballs won a 2010 award for best product design. The silicone balls come in a variety of colors, and have a sleek, streamlined design…and they kind of look like miniature Death Stars (forgive my nerdy associations). For those of you that aren’t familiar with Kegel balls, here’s a little info:

-They’re used to strengthen the PC muscles in the pelvic floor. Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Way to Rise and Shine

Waking up in the a.m. may not be your favorite thing to do when the sunlight comes pouring through your windows. But if it’s something you truly dread, it may be time to upgrade the way you roll out of bed. But how on earth can you make waking up more enjoyable? (Glad you asked!) You may be the perfect candidate for the ‘Little Rooster’—the half vibrator, half alarm clock device that fits right inside of your panties (totally not kidding). Continue Reading →

Toy Review: Good Vibes Moonlight Serenade Kit

Thanks to the lovely Camilla at Good Vibes, I recently received the Moonlight Serenade Kit, a sweet little bundle that includes the adorable Bootie Anal Plug, a 2 oz bottle of Please gel lubricant, and the Screaming O cock-ring, for only $39. I highly recommend this kit to anyone wanting to explore anal play for the first time, as it’s super easy to use and visually pleasing. The Bootie

-it’s adorable! I received one in purple that is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. -it’s easy to clean. Continue Reading →

Harness Heaven

During a recent trip to Good Vibrations in Brookline, MA, I was pleased to see that strap-on harnesses are getting a bit of a facelift! Instead of the usual basic black harnesses, the store offered an array of snazzy themed harnesses. This got me thinking about the importance of choosing a good harness. Before I tell you my faves, here’s what you should keep in mind when looking for a harness:

1. Bring your toys with you when purchasing a harness. Continue Reading →

Sex Toys: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re like me and put off buying gifts until the very last minute – the fact that Christmas is less than a week away may be stressing you out a bit. But fret no more MSP’ers, because I’ve got the perfect solution for your stocking stuffer dilemma:
SEX TOYS. Now obviously if you’re buying gifts for your grandmother, or perhaps – your boss, this will likely NOT be a good gift route to take (even if your grandmother is sex toy positive, she may not want to get one from you, her grandchild). But if you’re looking for an item to give your partner, sex toys are where it’s at. Plus, gift giving is the perfect opportunity for introducing sex toys to the relationship (no matter what holiday you celebrate!). Continue Reading →

Hands-Free Lube Dispenser

No longer just the accessories of nicer public restrooms, hands-free soap dispensers seem to be everywhere nowadays and there are an increasing number of for-the-home models being marketed. It occurred to me one day that if these devices could dispense soap, lotion, and hand sanitizer as the manufacturers advertise, they could also dispense lube! Lube bottles are all-too-often poorly designed for their intended use. I remember a globetrotter friend of mine complaining about how her lube-of-choice leaked so terribly every time she travelled, she had to buy a separate bottle to refill. Lube bottles are often tricky to open too, especially if one’s hands are already lube-y. Continue Reading →