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The Pros And Cons Of The .XXX Domain


The .XXX domain is here. For some, the official grand opening of the domain was the perfect way to kick off the month of December (Christmas came early for the adult entertainment industry – yes?). For others, the debut was a panic-filled race against the clock, hoping to snatch up any domain names in order to secure one’s identity/reputation. When I first heard of the news, I thought that the creation of the .XXX domain sounded like a wonderful idea. In my eyes, it could serve as a unique touch to a website – differentiating your adult site from the rest of the crowd. Continue Reading →

Sticky the Movie: A Documentary on Masturbation

I haven’t seen this documentary in its entirety yet – only the trailer – but it looks like an interesting and, dare I hope, liberating and informative look at masturbation as it’s been regarded in various societies (with a particular focus on Western cultures, it seems). They certainly reached out to a lot of great voices on the topic including Joycelyn Elders (former US Surgeon General), Carol Queen, Betty Dodson, Our Bodies Ourselves’ Wendy Sanford and Judy Norsigian, Nina Hartley and many more. Check out the trailer above and learn more about the documentary on their web site. Individuals and couples might find this gives them something to talk about and it’s certainly a must-screen for human sexuality educators, professors, etc. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor  Continue Reading →

Sex Toys: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re like me and put off buying gifts until the very last minute – the fact that Christmas is less than a week away may be stressing you out a bit. But fret no more MSP’ers, because I’ve got the perfect solution for your stocking stuffer dilemma:
SEX TOYS. Now obviously if you’re buying gifts for your grandmother, or perhaps – your boss, this will likely NOT be a good gift route to take (even if your grandmother is sex toy positive, she may not want to get one from you, her grandchild). But if you’re looking for an item to give your partner, sex toys are where it’s at. Plus, gift giving is the perfect opportunity for introducing sex toys to the relationship (no matter what holiday you celebrate!). Continue Reading →

Donating Sperm Can Be Scary

I recently ran across an interesting article on one of my favorite web sites, Cracked, that discusses “6 Terrifying Things Nobody Tells You About Donating Sperm.” Now, I’m a female bodied individual so I can only truly understand donating sperm to a certain extent. That said, I have several friends who have donated and an ex boyfriend who donated sperm throughout his undergraduate career (and now raises three children). And again, I’m biased and haven’t given donating sperm much thought, other than “It takes what, all of ten minutes? Decent money….” Continue Reading →

James Deen: The Boy-Next-Door Of Porn

I recently had the pleasure of reading a rather intriguing feature on male porn star, James Deen. And honestly, I liked the text so much that I literally felt obligated to share it here on MSP. So who exactly is James Deen? Well according to the feature, James Deen “is 5’8″ and 150 pounds. He has wavy brown hair, bright blue eyes, and day-old stubble. He tweets about bacon, hot girls, and his difficulty finding time to shower. Continue Reading →

Hands-Free Lube Dispenser

No longer just the accessories of nicer public restrooms, hands-free soap dispensers seem to be everywhere nowadays and there are an increasing number of for-the-home models being marketed. It occurred to me one day that if these devices could dispense soap, lotion, and hand sanitizer as the manufacturers advertise, they could also dispense lube! Lube bottles are all-too-often poorly designed for their intended use. I remember a globetrotter friend of mine complaining about how her lube-of-choice leaked so terribly every time she travelled, she had to buy a separate bottle to refill. Lube bottles are often tricky to open too, especially if one’s hands are already lube-y. Continue Reading →

Masque Yourself

I recently stumbled upon a new product that has me a little confused and more than a little annoyed. Masque was created to help, well, mask the flavor of semen. While Debby has previously written about a flavored body sugar that can be used during oral sex, I feel like Masque is created less in a fun way to be used where ever and more in a way that boasts improving your sex skills. One of the tag lines is “Expect flowers tomorrow”. One of the descriptions also claims that Masque will “take the intimacy between you and your partner to the next level” – that’s a pretty powerful little gel strip! Continue Reading →


Attention ladies, start your engines–your computer engines that is. Thursday is MyPleasure’s second annual ’Sex Toy Day’ and this year the wonderful folks at are giving away 30 Royal Butterfly Dual Action vibrators! Therefore, make sure you’re by your computer that morning so you can visit their website to get the link for your chance to win! Also, just a heads up from those in charge of the event: if traffic crashes the site make sure you’re following (them) on Twitter and Facebook so you can still get the link. And yes, last year the site really did crash. Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Female Orgasm

The female orgasm has been receiving more attention by scientists lately; not just sexuality scholars and therapists who are interested in helping women achieve orgasms, but also researchers curious about the evolution of the female orgasm. In contrast to the male orgasm, which is easily explained by its purpose in facilitating reproduction, the female orgasm can seem downright perplexing. This blog post by Greg Laden explains the dilemma rather well:

It is essential that males have orgasms or there would be no reproduction. Therefore there is male orgasm-related physiology. Just as males accidentally have female nipples because of a quirk of developmental biology, the theory went, females accidentally have some left over bits of orgasm-making machinery in their bodies so we end up with the occasional and largely unexpected female orgasm. Continue Reading →

When To Go Green Between The Sheets

To my own chagrin, I was pretty sure that the whole “go green” movement was just going to be another fad. However, I’m pleased to see that the drive to help mother earth has stuck around. I’ve read plenty of posts here and there on how best to go green between the sheets, but a lot of them were lacking some pretty serious information- when NOT to go green. I figured I’d compile all of the tips I have in one place so that all you MSP readers can know when to be eco-friendly, and when it’s better to stick to the traditional. Here are the dos and don’ts of Eco-Sex. Continue Reading →