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Oral Sex Tip #3: What’s the best way to perform oral sex?

Tip #3 for Yummifying Oral Sex: Make it your own. In the past two posts about making oral sex more fun and enjoyable, we’ve focused on the power of the mind and the tastebuds. This week, it’s all about self-confidence and decision making. When it comes to oral sex, one of the key ways to make it more pleasurable is to engage in oral sex that feels right to you. In other words, do it the way that YOU want to do it – not how you’ve heard that your best friend or a magazine writer does it. Continue Reading →

Semen in the Eye: Is It Dangerous? What Should I Do if I Get Sperm in my Eye?

There you are, performing oral sex on your boyfriend, husband or what’s-his-name and you start to feel that he’s about to come. Maybe, if he’s particularly kind, he even warns you with an “I’m gonna come.” Then, in spite of the fact that he promised not to get it in your eye if you let him come on your face or neck, whoosh! There it goes. Semen lands in your eye. Continue Reading →

Better Oral Sex Tip #2: How to make oral sex taste better

Tip #2 for Yummifying Oral Sex: Make it tasty. As I hinted at last week, one – but only one – of my four tips for yummifying oral sex has to do with taste. That’s because while flavor certainly has something to do with enjoying oral sex, by no means is it everything. Though taking regular showers and baths is (I hope) assumed, it’s worth saying that cleanliness – within reason – can enhance the way that oral sex tastes (there’s no need to tirelessly scrub your genitals, however, as that can irritate them). Also, although some people immediately think of flavored lubricants when they think of ways to change the taste or flavor of oral sex, but in fact flavored lubes are only one possibility. Continue Reading →

How to make oral sex better: Oral Sex Tip #1

Most Americans have had oral sex – and most (but not all) people like receiving it. But what about giving it? Attitudes vary dramatically. Some people only perform oral as a means of getting oral, or perhaps they do it solely to please their partner. Then there are those who crave oral sex so intensely (and with such pleasure) that the slightest thought of it means they can almost taste it. Continue Reading →

Oral Sex Techniques and Games for Couples: Body Sugar

When two people want to be together for a long time – whether as friends with benefits or in a committed long term partnership – it can help to keep sex interesting by making it fun. Some couples enjoy using sex toys such as vibrators, dildos or couples toys as part of their sex play or foreplay techniques; others try different positions, have sex in different rooms of the house, or perhaps they sneak away to a hotel or bed & breakfast for a sexy night. Recently in Chicago, I dropped by Tulip (one of several terrific sex boutiques in the city) and sampled two of their flavored body sugars in Mint Julep and Brown Sugar flavors. Both were tasty, though I ended up purchasing the Mint Julep flavor (see above photo). Body sugars and powders can help to make oral sex more tasty – but they can also enhance sex more generally. Continue Reading →

MSP Q&A: Trimming Pubic Hair

On Yahoo Questions, a young man asked how to approach his girlfriend – who he liked very much and didn’t want to offend – about shaving her pubic hair. This was my reply:

I have a different reaction to some of the other posters here. First, I’d like to mention that most girls and boys grow up – at least initially – feeling good about their bodies. It’s only later on when kids and adults start being critical of them, telling them how they should or shouldn’t look, and what’s “acceptable” or not in terms of how fat/thin, hairy/not hairy, etc. they should be that people start to doubt or even hate their bodies. Continue Reading →

MSP Q&A: Flavored lubricant

Not long ago I answered a question from a young woman who was looking for advice on using flavored lubricants for oral sex and also whether they would be messy. Here was my response:

There are many different types of lubricants on the market. During sex education programs I have conducted for college students, we have sometimes tried “flavored lube taste tests”. Most often, women and men don’t think that flavored lube is all that tasty. They find that some taste just like cough medicine! Continue Reading →

How can you learn to perform oral sex on a guy without gagging?

Question: How can you learn to perform oral sex on a guy without gagging? Answer: While not all women and men who perform oral sex on men get to The Point of No Gagging, many people find that there is some room for improvement. Fellatio (oral sex performed on a man) can often become less gag-inducing over time. How so? Well, some people simply find that – as with many things – fellatio becomes easier with practice. Continue Reading →

MSP Sex Q&A: Why is it so hard for women to have orgasms during sex?

Question: Why is it so darn hard for me to have an orgasm during sex? Is that normal?  
Answer: It is completely common for it to be difficult for a woman to orgasm during intercourse. In fact, it is often far easier for women to orgasm from direct clitoral stimulation, such as occurs during cunnilingus (oral sex performed on a woman), masturbation (solo or with a partner) or vibrator use. There is no one way to experience pleasure during sex; neither is there one “standard” path to orgasm. Continue Reading →

Kinsey Confidential Podcast: Boyfriend’s orgasm takes a long time from oral sex

Often people expect women to be the ones who take a long time to orgasm when in fact some men find it takes them a long time to reach orgasm as well. Some men find it takes a while for them to orgasm during certain sexual behaviors (like intercourse or oral sex) but not others (like masturbation) but it varies and can occur across all sex acts or only during certain ones. Recently at Kinsey Confidential a listener asked us a question about her boyfriend taking a while to come during oral sex – you can listen to her question and my answer below. Find more of our podcasts on our Kinsey Confidential web site and become a Facebook "fan" of Kinsey Confidential too! Question: I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 6 months. Continue Reading →