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Cunnilingus vs. Fellatio

A friend of mine was posting on Facebook about how blow jobs are dead, after he read an article from Esquire. Now, that’s not quite what the article says. The article is indeed called “The Observation: The Demise of the Blow Job” (but comes up in my browser as “Death of the Blow Job”), but it’s less about the death of fellatio and more about the rise of cunnilingus. To be fair, the author does mention that the 8 out of 10 men who prefer cunnilingus to fellatio are their “mature male friends”, and the 2 who prefer fellatio are gay. I’m not sure if it’s true that cunnilingus has fallen into favor, or if maybe people are more comfortable talking about it and it’s just getting more attention. Continue Reading →

Masque Yourself

I recently stumbled upon a new product that has me a little confused and more than a little annoyed. Masque was created to help, well, mask the flavor of semen. While Debby has previously written about a flavored body sugar that can be used during oral sex, I feel like Masque is created less in a fun way to be used where ever and more in a way that boasts improving your sex skills. One of the tag lines is “Expect flowers tomorrow”. One of the descriptions also claims that Masque will “take the intimacy between you and your partner to the next level” – that’s a pretty powerful little gel strip! Continue Reading →

The Beauty Of Sexual Favors

Ever since graduation (which yes, FINALLY – as of May 7th – I am no longer an undergrad!) I’ve had a lot of time to catch up on one of my favorite guilty pleasures - stocking up and sifting through magazines. So as I am reading through the May 2011 edition of GQ I stumble upon an article that is encouraging couples whose sex lives may be lacking in lust to consider trading sexual favors for random tasks that need to be eliminated off the ‘to-do list’ (think…offering him oral sex if he’ll do the dishes – hence the selected image below). Although this idea of keeping the relationship interesting through sex play such as this is not new by any means – I think openness and creativity are important elements to work into the mix. Not all couples are going to have mind-blowing sex all of the time, and eventually things can become routine – so it’s important to be willing to work with your partner if they’re wanting to try new things. Not only can this concept of using sexual favors be physically satisfying, it can allow you (and your partner) to explore  desires and aspects of your sexuality that normally you may be too bashful to suggest. Continue Reading →

Cheese or Oral Sex?

About two years ago, one of my friend’s roommates asked me “Which would you rather give up forever, cheese or oral sex?” (It really wasn’t as unusual of a situation as you might think). I thought that it was an interesting question then, and I have to say that I’m still really intrigued by it now. As a result of my sometimes insatiable curiosity I’ve started putting the question to many (though not all, I do occasionally have a sense of propriety) of the people I encounter. This single, fairly straightforward “would you rather” has spawned a good deal of discussion in many of my social circles including my immediate family. Continue Reading →

Trade Ya: Wash My Dishes For A Blow Job?

A recent post from Apt 11D pointed me to an article in The Atlantic about how sex and household chores meet up. Previous studies on housework amongst heterosexual couples suggest that men believe that they do a fair amount of the housework, where as women think that they do the vast majority (and are usually right). Maybe I’m not the only one who gets extremely happy (although not quite turned on) by a clean house. However, I should note that I really hate cleaning, especially the bathroom. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Fruit Bats Have Oral Sex Too – Well, At Least Fellatio

In a Halloween-timed scientific publication, a team of researchers from China and the United Kingdom have found that not only do fruit bats have oral sex (specifically, fellatio) but that they (a) do it in at least one interesting way and that (b) fruit bat fellatio is association with a longer time spent copulating (aka “doing it”). So how are the bats doing it? Continue Reading →

What’s The Best Way To Perform Oral Sex?

Sex Myth #2,410: There’s a “right” way to perform oral sex. Hundreds, if not thousands, of times women and men have asked me for the Secret to Performing Amazing Oral Sex. I have also heard from hundreds of women and men who have told me that their partner doesn’t know how to perform oral sex or is “bad” at oral sex. In all of these cases, the myth seems to have unfortunately stifled the truth. Continue Reading →

How to have road sex (or give road head)

As summer heats up, so do many people’s sex lives – and their sense of adventure. Road trips are a hallmark of summer fun and romance. And let’s face it: singing loudly along with your favorite playlist and snacking on junk food isn’t the only thing happening inside cars on road trips. Road sex is a much-loved rite of passage. Continue Reading →

Don’t believe everything you hear about teenagers, sex, oral sex or prostitution

Unfortunately, this ABC/Good Morning America article opted for sensationalism rather than responsible reporting, in my opinion. In it, they discuss a filmmaker who taped teenagers talking about sex including having oral sex at young ages and stripping or having sex for money or consumer goods (what they term “casual prostitution”). However, ask most researchers who study adolescent sexuality and they’ll tell you a very different story: Continue Reading →

Better Oral Sex Tip #4: How to make oral sex feel more pleasurable.

Tip #4 for Yummifying Oral Sex: Practice without pressure. Our previous three tips for yummifying oral sex have been mostly about how to make it better and more enjoyable as a giver. This week’s tip is all about the giver. The fact is that not all women and men enjoy receiving oral sex. Those that want to learn to enjoy it, or to orgasm from it, don’t always know what steps they might take in that direction. Continue Reading →