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Moments in Size Acceptance

This afternoon, I spotted the following status update from one of my Facebook friends and smiled, because I thought it captured a very cool and heartening reaction:

“amusing size acceptance moment of the day: busting the seam on a pair of underwear down the back & taking a picture of the hilarity instead of feeling bad about it.” It comes on the heels of a very good talk called Fat Bottomed Girls (about size acceptance) that I heard last night at Ignite Bloomington by Leah Jones (you can see an earlier version of her slide deck on her blog, and read her notes for it). The size acceptance movement is controversial in some circles, particularly public health circles: some get very upset about the size acceptance movement and worry about the outcomes of promoting acceptance of various sizes, with the idea being that some shapes/sizes are better/worse or healthier/unhealthier than others (being “too thin”/anorexic and being “obese” often fall in the “bad” categories, though I’d encourage a review of these illustrated BMI photos for a sense of the limitations of BMI labels). Others feel passionately in support of size acceptance, which can feel incredibly positive and affirming, particularly in contrast to much of the fat-negativity in some cultures (including US culture). If a downside of some aspects of the size acceptance movement is that some solid research findings related to body fat/weight are brushed aside as “not valid” (and some are definitely problematic, but not all are), a major upside of the movement is that research related to body fat/weight is scrutinized more closely. Continue Reading →

The Quest for Larger Breasts: Breast Slapping

Slapping her breasts in the bedroom – some consider it sexy; others consider it the new and upcoming way to enlarge breasts. And when I say some, I am more or less referring to a select few women in Thailand who have developed a new (and rather intriguing) method for breast enlargement. I stumbled upon this article last week and the piece featured Khemmikka Na Songkhla’s family method, which (apparently) naturally enhances the breasts by “shuffling fat from one area of the body to another”. Songkhla learned this beauty technique from her grandmother and claims that the technique can “add up to two inches” to her clients’ bust. Now clearly I’ll leave it up to you to decide on whether or not this treatment sounds legitimate; but might I add Songkhla’s rare techniques have been recognized by the Thai government. Continue Reading →

Bowling For Boobies: Grassroots Breast Cancer Activism

I recently found out about an event called Bowling For Boobies, run by the Busted Foundation, which holds fundraisers in order to be able to give money directly to women who are struggling with breast cancer. Their Youtube video explains the concept in a really positive way. I think it’s fascinating that people are coming together to support breast cancer survivors at a grassroots level, and if you think it’s worth supporting, consider donating (I’m supporting Team Rack & Tears since they’re based out of my home city, L.A.). Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Breast Milk Ice Cream?

Thanks to a comment from John on one of my recent posts on Erotic Lactation, I came across this BBC article on a brand new product hitting restaurants in London: breast milk ice cream. According to the article, all the ice cream comes from one donor, London mother Victoria Hiley, who gets 15 pounds ($24.30 in US dollars) for every 10 ounces of milk donated. The ice cream shop is advertising it as organic, free-range, and “totally natural”. What’s your take? Continue Reading →

A Bra To Improve Your Sexual Health?

According to an article in Fox News Latino, Brazil may impose some new public health policies. Brazilian congress has recently passed a law that would require all bras, underwear, and other forms of lingerie sold in the country to display sexual health messages on the tags. Bra tags would advise people to get regular breast exams, while men’s underwear would encourage middle-aged and older men to get regular prostate exams.

If passed, the law would lead all lingerie companies that don’t include the warnings to possible prosecution. Check out the full article here! Continue Reading →

A Pill That May Stall Ovarian Cancer

File this one under “Hope.” On June 4th, the New York Times posted an article about studies that are being conducted on the drug, Avastin (which is a widely known ‘cancer drug’) on how it would effect the progression of ovarian cancer. The Avastin studies were discussed at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, finding that the drug is effective in delaying the spreading of ovarian cancer – yet there is still speculation about how significant these results really are. The piece in the NYT also discusses trials run on the drug exemestane, which is classified as an aromatase inhibitors (which are commonly used to prevent “a recurrence of cancer in women with early-stage breast cancer after their tumors are removed by surgery”); the tests are looking to see how effective exemestane iz in preventing breast cancer in post-menopausal women. Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter@mysexprofessor or make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

Does Hair Color Influence Sex and Dating?

The color of your hair and your luck on the dating scene – is there a strong connection between the two? Although everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to appearance or their specific “type” that they’re interested in, can a woman’s hair color be considered a deal breaker? I read a rather interesting perspective on this last week when (how ironic) I was getting my highlights touched up. I’m sitting in the salon chair playing the usual “catch-up” routine with my hair stylist when she randomly brings up an article she recently read in the May issue of Marie Claire. Tiffani (my hair stylist) is carrying on and on about this article in which a journalist - who has been dying her hair red for quite some time – has decided that red hair comes off as unapproachable (among many other things - such as too wild, different, alternative, etc.). Continue Reading →

Erotic Lactation

This summer, I’ve been nannying for two little boys, one who is 4 months old and one who is 7 months old. Each of them is still breastfeeding. One of the moms was recently talking to me about how much she enjoys breastfeeding, and mentioned that she had read somewhere that it is possible for women who are not breastfeeding to lactate post-orgasm. Of course, I needed to do my own research. According to the Wikipedia page on erotic lactation, it is defined as “a person achieving sexual arousal by breastfeeding or sucking on a female’s breast. Continue Reading →

Still Life With Body

Photographer Bill Durgin has created a series of posed shots where bodies stand in for fruits and vegetables in the traditional still life painting genre. The resulting photos are sensual and strangely compelling, provoking thoughts about the connections between bodies, food, and art. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Want Bigger Breasts? There’s An App For That

Just when you thought the iPhone couldn’t get any cooler – a (newer) app that is gaining popularity is one which shows women what they would look like post-breast implant surgery. A co-worker of mine recently purchased the iPhone 4 and was talking about the app(which is titled iAugment) the other day and (although she briefly flashed us the home screen at work) I still could not believe what I was hearing. Therefore in order to satisfy my curiosity, I checked it out later when I got home and – lo and behold – iAugment is definitely a real app available on iTunes. Apparently the app is not as new as I thought; it turns out it was designed by Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley (a plastic surgeon based in New Orleans) and was released back in August of 2010 in order to (more or less) perform virtual plastic surgeries. It is a rather interesting concept because it basically aids women in deciding what cup size is best for them by giving them the chance to visualize how they would look after getting implants. Continue Reading →