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MSP Sex Q&A: Where is a woman’s g spot?

Question: My wife and I were both virgins when we got married, so even though we are almost 30, we lack experience. Hence my question: where is a woman’s g spot? Does every woman have one? Answer: Technically speaking, the g spot is more like a zone than a spot (yes, I know, in spite of its name). It’s roughly one or two inches inside the vagina, on the front vaginal wall (the same side as one’s navel) and gentle but first pressure tends to stimulate the area better than light touching. Continue Reading →

Margaret Cho gets the G-Shot

Thanks to reader J. and Perez, I was alerted to her blog post about her recent g shot experience. Again, keep in mind as with earlier posts, that so far no research has been done on the g shot so it is unclear to what extent it may or may not affect women’s experience of sexuality. Read the post here. Continue Reading →

This week’s In&Out column

Time Out Chicago has a beautiful new web site! Check it out – and read through my weekly In&Out column – and learn all about the following:
- why gynecology appointments are super important to keep (even for women who aren’t having sex)
- whether anal sex can ever really be done without a condom
- what we know (and don’t know) about the "g shot" for the g spot
Read the full column here. Anyone see LOST last night? Crazy stuff… did Juliet really need to go there? Continue Reading →

Close your eyes, cover your ears, (close your legs?) to g spot misinformation

A BBC story has this bolded quote:
"The mysterious G spot – supposedly a route to female sexual satisfaction – can be located with ultrasound, claim Italian scientists."
But that is NOT what the researchers say based on their research!! And the BBC article pretty much goes on to say that but their grabbing, bolded headline makes it sound like scientists have "found" the g spot. NOT SO! Do not believe that. It is not what the research says. Continue Reading →