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Bras For Small Breasts

Garnet Joyce recently wrote about the difficulties in finding plus-sized lingerie.  It turns out that it is also somewhat of a trial for women with small breasts to find attractive and well fitting bras. There seems to be this impression that flat-chested women are only interested in buying padded or push-up bras in an effort to make their breasts look bigger. For those who are not interested in that the options have been limited to bras designed for teens. Training bras are not particularly sexy and really aren’t meant to be used as lingerie. Continue Reading →

A Photo Gallery of Normal Breasts

What makes breasts normal–size, shape, nipple surface area? This (NSFW) gallery of normal breasts exists to affirm that there is a wide spectrum of normalcy when it comes to breasts. Many of the women who submitted pictures of their breasts also noted their cup size, age, and whether or not they’d had children, in addition to other details that I found really interesting (some women identified as athletic, or stated that they accepted their breasts now more than they used to). If every woman’s breasts are unique, it would make sense that every woman has a unique relationship with her breasts, and this site is a wonderful testament to the importance of accepting breasts as they are (not as they “should” be). Also, if you know a young woman who could benefit from seeing what normal young women’s breasts and other body parts commonly look like, consider buying her or recommending that she read the book Body Drama, by Nancy Redd. Continue Reading →

Bra That Doubles As An Emergency Gas Mask

After witnessing the horrible aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in 1986, Dr. Elena Bodnar was inspired to create and design The Emergency Bra. The winner of the 2009 Ig Noble Award, Dr. Bodnar has now decided to release the bra commercially. According to Dr. Bodnar, the bra could have prevented many people from inhaling Iodine-131, which caused widespread radiation sickness after the disaster, or the dust caused by the 9/11 attacks. Dr. Bodnar introduced the now commercially available design at the MIT Museum. The “safe and sexy” red lace number can be found on the website linked above for less than $30. Continue Reading →

This Week on MSP: Breasts, Sex in America, and More

In acknowledgement of Breast Cancer Awareness Month here in the US, we’ll be considering the issue of breasts and sexuality this week on MSP in addition to a whole host of non-breast related articles. This

is our second theme week (in September, we took a look at the intersection of sex and fashion) and we hope that you will enjoy the MSP gaze, so to speak, at breasts. Too, today marks the day that the research team I’m a part of at Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion, releases findings from a large study we conducted about sex in the United States among women and men ages 14 to 94. I’ll be linking to coverage of our study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, as it comes in. For starters, you can check out these pieces in the NY Times, NPR, USA Today, the Washington Post, and MedPage today. Continue Reading →

What’s Lovely Jubblies? Breast Cream, Of Course.

A guy friend was recently in LUSH and spotted this Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream display and took a photo to share with me and with all of you. I would loooooove to try some. Alas, there is no LUSH store near me.You can order it online, though! Let me know if you try it and, if you do, how it makes your breasts or those of your partner feel to the touch and/or lick. [LUSH Lovely Jubblies] Continue Reading →

How Breast Play Makes for Better Sex

Whether you call them breasts, boobs, boobies, tatas, gazungas, or something else entirely, I’m sure you have a name for the lovely lady lumps sitting on your or your partner’s chest. And why wouldn’t you? Breasts are an absolute wonder. They attract the attention of men by some mysterious natural force, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they just happen to feed and nourish babies, too. But when it comes to sex, breasts often get neglected. Continue Reading →

Breast and nipple stimulation: what you must know for better sex

Although breast and nipple stimulation are common elements of sex play, it’s not unusual for couples to have different ideas of just exactly how nipples and breasts should be stimulated. People often ask me how to touch their partner’s breasts (boobs) for better sex. When in doubt, take your partner’s word for their preferences! Ask your partner how he or she likes to be touched. If you’re not sure what he or she means, ask your partner to show you on their own body or on your body, even if just briefly. Continue Reading →

How breast cancer survivors (and other women, too) can improve their sex lives

Last week I described some of the sexual problems faced by breast cancer survivors following treatment. I promised to return to the topic this week in order to highlight specific strategies that survivors can use to address common sexual problems – and that many other women may find help to make their sex lives better too. Ready? 1. Make friends with lube! Continue Reading →