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A ‘Must-See’ Film: Naked

Breasts: women love them, men love them.  Small and perky or round and full—it doesn’t matter whether you’re an A cup or flourish beyond the DD’s—these lovely assets are a dynamic part of a woman’s figure. No matter their size, breasts make us feel sexy, they give us confidence, and let’s face it—they’re amazing because every woman’s are her own and each pair is unique. Continue Reading →

Go Big or Go Home?

Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think it’s important to discus an aspect of breast health that doesn’t seem to get much attention – breast reductions. While I feel like our sexual culture in America is shifting from being breast focused to more butt focused, breasts are fantastic! Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, and having breasts too large can cause some major physical issues that can be long term. Earlier this week Kiersten wrote about finding bras for small breasts. I have several friends who have gone through successful breast reductions, and one of them (Angie) was kind enough to tell me about her experience. She also documented her journey in a private online journal. Continue Reading →

Nipple Piercing FAQs (NSFW)

I’m a little bit obsessed with piercings. I’ve been known to ask random strangers where they got their lip pierced, or what made them decide to get a double nose ring. I also tend to go on long-winded rants about my favorite piercing/tattoo places in the Boston area or in the Valley, listing my pros and cons for each shop, even when people really don’t want to hear it. Considering that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I figured this was a perfect opportunity for me to discuss nipple piercings. I’ve found that people have a lot of questions about nipple piercings, which is extremely valid. Continue Reading →

Facebook Statuses for Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, women around the world have been posting peculiar Facebook statuses about where they “like it”. I first saw one of these statuses on Monday, and I brushed it off as someone just giving off way TMI, which I find happens often on various social networking websites. However, I later received a message on Facebook from a female friend, filling me in on the secret. Last year, the trend was to post the color of the bra you were wearing. This status left everyone wondering what on earth you were talking about, and when you revealed what it was for, raised awareness that October is, in fact, Breast Cancer Awareness month. Continue Reading →

Are Your Breasts in Style?

Jeana’s post A Photo Gallery of Normal Breasts reminded me of this great post on Jezebel that is a little old, but fits right in with our breast theme week here on MSP. Not only are breasts all different shapes, sizes, weights, textures, and colors. The different types of breasts also go in and out of style which is why it may seem that there were more torpedo shaped breasts in the 60s and rounder, more fuller breasts today, but really it’s all about what types of breasts are being shown to us based off the culture of beauty that exists today (and sometimes, what kinds of bras are in style at the time). Continue Reading →

Under The Skin: The Internal Bra

Cosmetic surgery on breasts is not a new idea. There is however a new technique out there that is being used for breast-lift and breast reduction surgeries. The Internal Bra System is an operation where a mesh-like material is inserted under the skin to help support the shape of the breasts. This is supposed to take the strain off of the skin and the newly formed scars and reduce the amount of stretch and sagging that typically occurs after such a procedure. The idea is that the mesh will function sort of like an internal bra without straps. Continue Reading →

A Tale of Breasts, Bras, and Bullies

My friend Sarah, author of The Crazy Baby Mama blog, wrote a post describing her attitudes about breasts, and how they changed–both her breasts, and her attitudes towards them. The Boobs. The Bra. And The Bully is a humorous personal narrative chronicling the effects of bullying on a flat-chested middle-schooler, and the resulting first-bra-shopping experience. Continue Reading →

Pasties Gallery (NSFW Photos)

Pasties – in addition to being a type of treat – are adhesive coverings that are usually applied to women’s nipples and areolas. Although pasties originally emerged as a convenient way for burlesque dancers to get around toplessness restrictions, they’ve become a part of contemporary fashion culture, with celebrities such as Rhianna and L’il Kim being seen out and about in their pasties. Some pasties are pretty bland; others are quite ornate. Some pasties even come with tassles dangling down from them. One can also make pasties of one’s own by applying something sticky (like peanut butter) on the nipple and areola and then then adding something else (like chocolate bits) on to the sticky thing. Continue Reading →

Hooray For Boobies!

Last week, while I was in Hawaii visiting friends and family, I got to see one of my favorite things: boobies! A whole hillside of boobies! Those suckers were everywhere – on the beach, on postcards, and flying through the air. Of course, I’m referring to the ornithological type of boobies, not the anthropological kind (although those are nice too). The word “booby” comes from the Spanish word “bobo,” meaning “stupid person,” which seems a bit unfair to these lovely birds.  (As a side note, the round, squishy type of boobies have a different etymology that comes from the Latin for “little girl.” Continue Reading →