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Erotic Lactation

This summer, I’ve been nannying for two little boys, one who is 4 months old and one who is 7 months old. Each of them is still breastfeeding. One of the moms was recently talking to me about how much she enjoys breastfeeding, and mentioned that she had read somewhere that it is possible for women who are not breastfeeding to lactate post-orgasm. Of course, I needed to do my own research. According to the Wikipedia page on erotic lactation, it is defined as “a person achieving sexual arousal by breastfeeding or sucking on a female’s breast. Continue Reading →

Want Bigger Breasts? There’s An App For That

Just when you thought the iPhone couldn’t get any cooler – a (newer) app that is gaining popularity is one which shows women what they would look like post-breast implant surgery. A co-worker of mine recently purchased the iPhone 4 and was talking about the app(which is titled iAugment) the other day and (although she briefly flashed us the home screen at work) I still could not believe what I was hearing. Therefore in order to satisfy my curiosity, I checked it out later when I got home and – lo and behold – iAugment is definitely a real app available on iTunes. Apparently the app is not as new as I thought; it turns out it was designed by Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley (a plastic surgeon based in New Orleans) and was released back in August of 2010 in order to (more or less) perform virtual plastic surgeries. It is a rather interesting concept because it basically aids women in deciding what cup size is best for them by giving them the chance to visualize how they would look after getting implants. Continue Reading →

What Not To Say To Someone With Breast Cancer

My friend Sarah recently posted a link to this article from Care2, written by Ann Pietrangelo, about the 10 Odd Things to Say to Someone with Breast Cancer. As someone with an interest in sexuality and differing abilities, I found this article to be very interesting. While many health issues can impact a person’s sexuality, breast cancer is one of those health issues that tends to be mentally and physically linked to sexuality. Pietrangelo mentions hearing “at least it’s not an arm or a leg or something you really have to use” about getting a mastectomy. Full disclosure: I do not have breast cancer, I do not know what she is dealing with. Continue Reading →

Breast Massage: Illegal in the US but Fun and Cozy Nevertheless

Though it is illegal in the US (it’s legal in Canada, however), breast massage is a great way to relieve stress, get cozy with your partner, and even screen for cancerous growths. We all know how great it is to get a nice shoulder rub after a long day, but I bet you don’t know how amazing it feels to get a breast massage! The muscles surrounding the breast tissue tend to get pretty tense, which makes sense considering the weight they carry around all day. Since the breasts are so infrequently touched in a therapeutic way, partner-massage is a great way to give them some action. Continue Reading →

Where Do You Stand?

One of my fellow journalistas recently sent a link my way pertaining to the funding cuts that Planned Parenthood is currently facing, and after reading Michaela’s post I thought MSP would be an excellent place to share an additional link on the subject matter. Posted on the online version of Women’s Health, there is an article on their homepage that encourages women to take a stand and support Planned Parenthood. Not only does the article give you the rundown on the current debate, it directs readers to a link at the bottom of the article – where supporters can sign an open letter to Washington officials as well as make a donation to Planned Parenthood. Working out my frustrations… Continue Reading →

The Cup Size Choir

Okay, so obviously I would be in love with this. I mean, it’s a combination of my two greatest passions in life- pretty bras and singing. While the pitch does get a little wonky, and it’s mildly creepy to watch each girl fall onto the mattress every time her note is sung, I seriously appreciate this. Continue Reading →

Etsy’s Breast Cancer Awareness Products

As a self-proclaimed online shopping addict, I love getting Etsy’s daily emails, showcasing a round-up of themed items that are currently selling on Etsy. But I was especially pleased to see their “Breast Cancer Awareness” email, highlighting items that were also donating funds to breast cancer research and advocacy groups. My personal favorite? Continue Reading →

Get More For Your Pink

October is the month of the Pink Ribbon. Store shelves are overloaded with pink items ranging from everything to small quartz earrings all the way to large pink tractors. Breast cancer is a serious disease and it will claim the lives of over 40,000 women over the course of each year and the combined efforts of all of the pink sales will raise millions of dollars to support breast cancer charities. So why do I still feel suspicious? Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding as Birth Control

While this may be common knowledge among those who have beautiful milk-filled breasts, I was surprised recently when breastfeeding was mentioned in one of my workshops as a method of birth control.  After going to the trusty internet, I was amazed at what I found – for 6 months after birth, breastfeeding will be almost as effective as the pill at preventing pregnancy. has the whole story, but here are the basics: Continue Reading →