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Go Big or Go Home?

Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think it’s important to discus an aspect of breast health that doesn’t seem to get much attention – breast reductions. While I feel like our sexual culture in America is shifting from being breast focused to more butt focused, breasts are fantastic! Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, and having breasts too large can cause some major physical issues that can be long term. Earlier this week Kiersten wrote about finding bras for small breasts. I have several friends who have gone through successful breast reductions, and one of them (Angie) was kind enough to tell me about her experience. She also documented her journey in a private online journal. Continue Reading →

Under The Skin: The Internal Bra

Cosmetic surgery on breasts is not a new idea. There is however a new technique out there that is being used for breast-lift and breast reduction surgeries. The Internal Bra System is an operation where a mesh-like material is inserted under the skin to help support the shape of the breasts. This is supposed to take the strain off of the skin and the newly formed scars and reduce the amount of stretch and sagging that typically occurs after such a procedure. The idea is that the mesh will function sort of like an internal bra without straps. Continue Reading →

A Tale of Breasts, Bras, and Bullies

My friend Sarah, author of The Crazy Baby Mama blog, wrote a post describing her attitudes about breasts, and how they changed–both her breasts, and her attitudes towards them. The Boobs. The Bra. And The Bully is a humorous personal narrative chronicling the effects of bullying on a flat-chested middle-schooler, and the resulting first-bra-shopping experience. Continue Reading →

A Photo Gallery of Normal Breasts

What makes breasts normal–size, shape, nipple surface area? This (NSFW) gallery of normal breasts exists to affirm that there is a wide spectrum of normalcy when it comes to breasts. Many of the women who submitted pictures of their breasts also noted their cup size, age, and whether or not they’d had children, in addition to other details that I found really interesting (some women identified as athletic, or stated that they accepted their breasts now more than they used to). If every woman’s breasts are unique, it would make sense that every woman has a unique relationship with her breasts, and this site is a wonderful testament to the importance of accepting breasts as they are (not as they “should” be). Also, if you know a young woman who could benefit from seeing what normal young women’s breasts and other body parts commonly look like, consider buying her or recommending that she read the book Body Drama, by Nancy Redd. Continue Reading →

How To Find The Perfect Bra: A Guide For Beginners & Experts

Most women will agree- a good outfit begins with the right undergarments. It could even be argued that a perfectly fitting bra is the most valuable thing in a woman’s wardrobe. The truth is, however, that most of us are walking around wearing ill-fitting bras without even knowing it. In order to get the scoop on the way a bra should fit, I headed over to Forty Winks in Harvard Square. The owners, Meredith Donaldson and Rachel Wentworth, two wonderfully fresh-faced entrepreneurs, agreed to sit down with me and discuss something that I could talk about for hours: breasts. Continue Reading →

Sexiness As A Byproduct of Belly Dancing

How erotic is the art of belly dance? Is it used for seduction, or is it instead an expressive medium for the dancer’s emotions and aesthetics? Or can it be both? Dancers from Bloomington, Indiana interviewed in Bloom magazine (link to the article as pdf) argue that the dancer’s sexiness is a byproduct of being confident, graceful, and strong. The dance is sensual, but much of the sexiness is in the eye of the beholder…which, really, is the case with most aspects of sex appeal, isn’t it? Continue Reading →

Video Review: The Big Butt Book by Dian Hanson (Taschen) – NSFW

Although the title is “The Big Butt Book”, there are in fact butts of many different sizes in this book – some quite small and others voluptuous (such as the butts of Buffie the Body, Coco, and the Watermelon Woman). Taschen is known for beautifully designed books and a line of “sexy” books – for example, books about penises, legs, and breasts – so it’s only natural, I suppose, that they finally paid tribute to the female derriere. Continue Reading →

FatGirlSlim From Bliss

Today I got an email offering 30% off of fatgirl products from bliss spa (the spa that’s at so many W hotels). Curious, I clicked and found 3 products: fatgirlscrub, fatgirlsleep and fatgirlslim. Were there not a “slim” version and were they not all about getting rid of cellulite, the term “fatgirl” could have been used in a positive, affirming, take-back-the-meaning-of-the-ugly-ways-this-phrase-is-often-used kind of way. But as it is, the term just sounds mean. Could this be why they have to put these products on such a super sale to try to sell them? Continue Reading →